Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tagged, Movie Soundtrack Edition...

Julie has tagged me. I asked if I could just link to THIS POST. She said no. She even threatened to paint my house purple. I am pretty sure she knows where I live. A purple house is nice, but I decided to oblige her on one condition: She agrees to vote for Obama She lets me post 'Six of my Favorite Soundtrack Moments' instead of 'Six Random Things.'

First, JT's Fire and Rain as used in one of my all time favorite movies, Running on Empty...

Next, Pachelbel's Canon in D as used in the opening of another of my all time favorite movies, Ordinary People...

Then, Elton John's Tiny Dancer as used in Cameron Crowe's, Almost Famous. (In general I believe CC is a genius in matching songs to scenes in movies)...

And speaking of genius in soundtracks, My next choice is Van Morrison's Sweet Thing as used in Moonlight Mile. I can't find a video of it, so you have to rent the movie. Great movie with a fantastic soundtrack...

Next, Elton John's Rocket Man (covered by My Morning Jacket) , in Californication. This one has more to do with my obsession with Jim James.

And tied for sixth,

Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes in Say Anything...

And The Beatles Twist and Shout as performed by Ferris Bueller...

And speaking of Ferris Bueller, how about the Dream Academy's cover of the Smith's Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want...

Oh, and one more runner up, Beck's Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime as used in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...(This is just a trailer, rent the movie).

AND, of course, any movie that uses this woman's music in its soundtrack...

So Julie, is my little white house safe?

Whom shall I tag? How about anyone who wants to do it? Anybody have a movie soundtrack moment that brought them to tears? Made them smile? Made them reminisce?

Music and movies, two of life's great gifts. Wouldn't you agree?


  1. Wow, that was an uncanny read! In my most unbiased tone of voice I say: "You have great taste!!". Every movie, every song, every comment on a director found me in agreement!

    Kudos to the other Julie for the idea. Kudos to the you Julie for a fun read.

  2. Wow, we love much of the same music. My Uncle played Pachelbel's D Canon at my wedding on the acordian. It is a song I adore, adore, adore...especially the George Winston version(s).

    You have definitely seen way cooler movies than I have though. Albeit, "Eternal Sunshine" is one of all time favorites. The ending is to die for.


  3. Okay, so I have never seen Running on Empty but (1) I can totally see your household, including your sweet kiddos with the hats dancing like that as a regular thing; and (2) I MUST see this movie. Love the other choices, too.

  4. That was fun - do you think every liberal minded girl who grew in the Chicago vicinity has a 20+ year crush on John Cusack?

  5. Running On Empty - such a fanstastic movie, loved it! I remember watching this scene when I was younger...great use of song...

    Orinary People - I watched this nonstop last holiday season - good in a way that you get more out of it at different times.

    Almost Famous - CC is the master of soundtrack moments. Sorry, Zac Braff, I really love Garden State...but come on...he is the man

    Moonlight Mile - what to say...there are so many moments in that movie, and I agree with you on use of song, also a movie I looped a few summers ago

    Californication - I think that may be the best use of Rocket Man in a soundtrack (particularly given the ending)

    Say Anything - I still don't understand why no one has stood out of my window with a boom box playing this song for me - come on, people, that is true love, and then the scene with the flight taking off, waiting for the it (I am digressing into a million quotes from that movie in my head right now)

    Ferris - so fun...but I preferred Donke Schoen

    Ms. Mann - like a moth to a flame...

    like a moth a flame...

  6. YOU are hilarious! Yes your little white house is safe from my purple paint. :) That was a super fun twist on the 6 random things!

  7. I love all your picks, and I so want to do this, too! I sometimes wish that certain songs would play out of nowhere at certain moments of my life. (Okay, honestly, when I feel like that, I just play the songs and pretend I am in a movie.)
    There, I said it. :)
    You are too awesome to be friends with me, you know that!?

  8. excellent choices. MMJ had to cancel its chicago concerts tonight & this weekend b/c jim james got hurt. major bummer-- they are amazing. SAVE ferris.

  9. That was a great ideal!! I love it. Hmm, maybe I can come up with mine.


  10. Love this post! Love Tiny Dancer! Love Lloyd Dobler!

  11. As I was going through your list (great list), I was thinking, "Where is Aimee Mann?!" Whew.

  12. What an awesome list. So many of my favorites. And omg, Ordinary People!!! When that movie came out, not only did I fall head over heels in love with Timothy Hutton, but it also made me pretend that I had issues so my parents would let me get a therapist. Okay maybe I didn't have to pretend so much.......