Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh for the Love of Pete.Tagged. Enough Already!

So I was tagged, and I responded here.

I am still getting tagged, so for the two of you who aren't completely sick of me blathering endlessly about myself, here ya go...

One of the first jobs I had here in Los Angeles was as an SAT tutor. I could only teach the verbal portion. I need tutoring of my own in math. I hate math. I was assigned my very first student. I arrived at a very beautiful home in Santa Monica. My student had not yet arrived home. He was with his dad in Chinatown, getting acupuncture. I chatted with his mom for a bit. I realized after about four seconds, that the child I would be tutoring, my very first student ever, was the son of OLIVER FRIGGIN STONE. Let's just put it this way, the kid did not need tutoring. He knew more vocabulary than I did. He was brilliant. A couple of years later, Oliver Stone thanked me for helping his son get into Princeton. Uhm, the kid was a shoe-in.

Speaking of tutoring, I used to do a lot of tutoring in Malibu. On MORE THAN ONE occasion, I was asked to move my car.

The families didn't want my vehicle anywhere near their homes. They did not want to catch a glimpse of my sturdy Subaru through their windows. Snooty McSnootersons.

I admit, the car is no beaut, and I could write an entire week's worth of posts about my fights with Steven when we reached an impasse on the viability of said vehicle. Here is where it is now...

(But that was years later, those Malibuites were really snobby.)

I was a vegetarian for twenty years. Steven was one for fifteen. The day we went back to meat... well, that was one hell of a beautiful day....

I wish my husband felt more like this...

and less like this...

Grief is a bitch.

I was yelled at this summer for standing too close to a melting ice sculpture at LACMA...

I like my neighborhood because of things like this...

I got myself a P.O. Box for this blog. The address is on my sidebar. I got it because I have to have an address for a Stage 9 Project that I am working on, and because this letter from the Peevish Postmaster Lire was a bright spot in a truly craptastic summer.

Lastly, a current picture taken by Julie's husband Marshall has confirmed my twin-dom with the world's oldest woman. Note to you young people, don't raise your eyebrows every two seconds, you will get wrinkles...Lots of them. Take heed.

Okay, there you have it you tag happy bloggers, now go and do a movie/music soundtrack tag .

Oh, and an extra bonus because I love you guys...

I know where God keeps his books...

Big Sur.


  1. Oh you posted the picture!!! I love it!!! You ROCK!!! I loved reading all those, except the bit about your husband... I'm sorry you guys are going through this right now.

    Love your old car... hate the snobby people who made you move it. You're awesome... I'll never tire of reading random things about you. ;)

  2. I agree with Julie - I never tire of reading about you and your delightful life.

    It is completely sucky at times - I wish it wasn't for you guys at the moment.

    Cool car. We had a suburu and loved it - lived forever. We were happy about that too.

  3. See, this is what happens when you are so wonderful and amazing and you have a gorgeous blog (even your random things post is artistic) people will tag you because they like you...as for me, I really need to work on not raising my eyebrows...I did it several times while reading your post - not good, not good...

  4. Ha!!! You relented!! Have you no courage when it comes to standing up to us taggers?? :) I enjoyed the random facts!! And I'm with your husband, it was time to say bye to your sweet little Subaru. The funny thing about Subarus is that in Portland, OR, you must own one to be considered a resident!! You just live in the wrong city.

  5. And you wonder why you keep getting tagged..... It is always a pleasure to read your blog - in the random times and in the heartfelt times.


  6. Oh my Sweet Juniper Lord, am I the only friggin person in the world that has never been a vegetarian? I am really starting to feel left out!!!!!!


  7. I love the meat pictures! YOu guys are funny. :)

  8. I love this post - too funny! I had an old car like that - Yvan made me sell it! I loved that car!

    Boo to Snooty McSnootersons!

    Yaaaa to eating meat again and enjoying it so much.

    Hugs to you both for the craptastic summer you had.

    Kick those ice sculptor nazis in the shin.

    As for the wrinkles - doesn't L.A. have an abundance of people who make other people look plastic....no just kidding. Your gorgeus - don't change a thing!


  9. I also love the insight into "you"

    Has anyone ever told you that you are facinating. Never ceasing to surprise me...the woman who gardens crops in California. You blog is a story I will certainly keep reading!!!

    XOXO - especially to your husband!

  10. Well, your post is freaking awesome.

    And I work as an SAT tutor right NOW. Only verbal. Lord have mercy. What a cold day in hell it will be when Jana tutors anyone in math. Love the OS story.

    What is the deal with everyone in CA being vegetarian? Sheesh. Ya'll need to come on down to Texas and eat some BEEF. Just joking, veg friends. Calm down.

  11. I heart BEEF..and I also heart this blog!! Blog on, Sista!

  12. You are too much. I think you should be tagged daily! Okay, weekly, 'cause I like you.
    P.S. You are beautiful.

  13. You are absolutely amazing. Wow, what great random stuff, and pictures to go all with everything! You are destined for greatness. No doubt about it.

  14. I love your blog, Julie! You do rock!.

  15. Obviously the thing was melting because you are so HOT!