Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Friend or Family Feature...

The Friday Friend or Family Feature is preempted this week by a Friday Friend or Family Feature actually being here in the house!

The Fuller's are visiting from Colorado. Aren't they adorable?

Today they are going to Disneyland. I am not joining them. Please don't judge, I think Disneyland sounds like a nightmare. What with all the happiness and everything.


  1. Disneyland, blech. Now, Euro Disney is a different story.

    By the looks of your wine cabinet, we could soooooooo be friends.


  2. You'll get no judgment from me. I think Disneyland sounds like a nightmare too. In fact, I've even got my kids brainwashed to not want to go. (I grew up in Orlando and had more than enough Disneyworld to last me a lifetime) Now when we go back to Orlando as a family, we go to Gatorland. :)

  3. When I saw your feature this morning I thought to myself "why is Julie posting this a day early on Thursday?"

    So it is officially and totally one of those weeks!

    Have fun with the Fullers!

  4. I am a judger and I think you are brilliant not to go to Disneyland. Hope you are feeling well enough to really enjoy the visit.