Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Friend or Family Feature...

No new feature today, just an addendum to a Former Feature who continues to astonish me with her generosity.

From Deb...

"Thank you for yesterday's (Wednesday's) post. I made a monthly donation (for the next year) to the Fistula Foundation. I will continue to think of ways that I can make a difference."

Speaking of donations, please read THIS POST; an eye-opening reminder that we all must dig deeper in order to find out who is the neediest.

I am off to sub for the first grade. First grade is my absolute favorite. I love it. These kids however, are getting really tired of story time being All Ethiopia/All Jane Kurtz/All the time. Too bad small people, I get to pick the story!

The beautiful photo is from Niall Crotty.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Something tells me that you're the kind of person we need teaching first graders, and second graders, and third graders..and on.

    You teach us and draw us to tears with your posts. I can only imagine how you roll in a classroom.



  2. I was inspired by Deb's comment yesterday as well.

    Dr. Gayle (CARE) speaks often about how amazing we are when we want to mobilize and accomplish what seems impossible when we all unite and work together (moon landing, small pox, etc.) - So she says that the idea that we can wipe out global poverty is not some idealist pipedream (my words), but a benchmark that can be achieved if we all work together and combat this...

  3. Julie your posts have been so amazing and inspirational and heartfelt. Thank you!!

  4. Do you think you could catch a plane and make it out here by Thursday? I need a sub for my class and would LOVE to have someone in there who digs first graders with the same heartfelt joy as you do....