Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Summer Vacation ??

Autumn chill got you down? Had to pull that fleece out of the closet last night? The thought of daylights' savings throwing you for a loop?

Start planning your summer!!!

I am so excited to announce two fantastic opportunities for adoptive families...

First, coming up in June...

Re Union '09
in Tulsa, Oklahoma (where I hear the wind comes sweeping down the plains).

I don't know what this song means, but I like it!

Then, in August, in my sweet home Chicago,

BU '09

What is a blog union like? I think Lori described it best. You are going to want to read the whole post. You may want to bring Kleenex.

I have been spending a lot of time with Lori lately, well, with her blog. I have been reading her archives for strength. She's got some to spare. She has an adoption story that includes a phrase similar to, "They told us this is the first time this has ever happened.' Her road to her Abie baby was bumpy. Her strength is inspiring.

I have also being spending time with my friend Katy. I am looking back at her waiting posts. She wasn't happy. Then I look at this post and can literally feel the joy radiating off the page.

This blog thing. WOW, crazy powerful.

Speaking of which, I was wondering if you would help me support a new blogger. I met Kat a couple of weeks ago. How shall I put this...

I feel incredibly lucky to have a supportive family. Some people don't always get the support they need from their families. Sometimes they need strangers in the internet to...uhm...how many times can I say support? I sound like a bra commercial. Just, please, go over to her blog and say "Hello, We've got your back." She is working with Gladney and she lives in my hood, and look how cute her blog banner is...

So blog on you beautiful bloggers. See you in the midwest!


  1. Chicago?! I'm from Chicago! My family is in Chicago! We go to Chicago every summer. we'll try to go the reunion even though we will still be many months away from leaving to go to Ethiopia.

    Thanks helping to connect the people that need connecting.


  2. Can't wait to meet you in the flesh in good ole Oklahoma (where the wind really does come sweeping down the plains, or in these parts, over the rolling hills.)

  3. What's throwing me for a loop is that Daylight Savings Time hasn't happened yet - I woke up in the middle of the night over the weekend suddenly worried that somehow I had missed the announcement that it was time to turn back the clocks - yet another sign of how I'm getting older, when I can't get used to DST being later than it used to be!

    I didn't know you were from Chicago - I went to college there and lived there for four years afterwards. I still miss the city, though I left partly because I got tired of the Midwest. Hmmm, 2009 is my 20th college reunion, wouldn't it be cool if the dates worked out for me to go to that and the Blog Union?

  4. Julie, I am humbled. The encouragement you have found in our archives is exactly the reason I started a blog in the first place. I wanted to cheer people on, and you can't imagine how contented in makes me to know that the trials (literally) we went through to make Abe our family is serving a purpose beyond the scope of our family.
    Much love to you.

  5. I'm loving this blog community, aren't you???

    Ok, going over to visit your friend's Little Ethiopia blog now.

  6. The Wind. The Plains. Yeah, Yeah. But, it's the Indian Tacos and the Stomp Dances (so, I hear anyway, I've been trying hard to get to one of those Cherokee Stomp Dances and have failed thus far)...

    Welcome and a big Hello to Kat!!! I'm going right over to her cyber place...


  7. I am hours away from Chicago!! I am so excited.!!! I don't know what I would do without my blogging community. i really want to go to Blog union!!!

  8. I got scared to travel solo to the first union but there's no way I'm missin BU09! Hubby or not.

  9. Are you from Chicago?? Me too...where??
    Thanks for the shout out...hope to see you in Tulsa!

  10. I'm looking forward to the Chicago union. Hopefully (or not) - we will still be here!