Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Fuller House.

We had a fun weekend with the Fuller family.

Gracie's legs are longer than I remembered...

We harvested a spooky looking pumpkin in the Habesha Garden (and yes, Grace is walking between large pieces of concrete with rusty rebar sticking out. Not all of our concrete was taken on Freecycle; most of it, but not all).

There was swinging in the former 'Baby Whisperer' now renamed 'Rib Crusher' or 'Brother Dumper'...

There was beach combing...

There was Sudoku...

And there was Sushi...

We took them to a Tree People event in the hopes that it would convince them to move back to Los Angeles...

Apparently they have trees in Colorado.

A certain someone was not that sad to see them go...

Is there anything sweeter than the sound of two siblings giggling together when they are supposed to be sleeping?

Hopefully the next time they visit we will have someone of a more suitable stature for them to play with.


  1. How great that you got to spend a good weekend with friends and to have young siblings giggling in your house :) Great pictures.

  2. LOL @ Rib Crusher! What a fun looking bunch - there is definitely not one thing in the world sweeter than kids giggling when they are suppose to be sleeping....err...remind me that I said that someday.


  3. What fun!!! I am glad you all (except maybe Moses) had such a good time! Great pictures!!

    Question: Were they still giggling after the brother dumping?

  4. Circus legs, brother dumping,sudoku, sushi, tree people and a crayola tiara...all required elements of a great week and a great post.

    Now my heart is fuller too...lol...

  5. You have so many friends! I can see why, even though I've never met you. Sounds like fun!

  6. Yes, you're so right about the sound of siblings.

  7. What amazing pics...oye...I am so excited to see what an amazing mamma you are going to be.

    No not moving to Cali but will be spending a LOT of time there!!!

  8. That picture of the dog just made me laugh out loud!!!

  9. Julie, your blog ROCKS - I love it. I need to read more but don't have time since Noah is down with an ear infection and high fever!
    We really enjoyed hanging out with you guys at C&H's too...looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  10. So cute. The photos are awesome. I know it was heart warming for you to have your home full of all that giggling!