Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Friend or Family Feature...

Today's Feature is....


This a picture of my cousin Maura catching the bouquet at my wedding.(Doesn't my sister Kate looked pissed that she didn't catch it? Kate, you cannot catch flowers while holding a screwdriver. Rookie mistake.)

These two young women have a lot more important things on their agendas than getting married. Getting married can wait.

I am proud to say that my cousin Maura is a 'VETERAN FOR OBAMA.' She was recently interviewed by PBS. Here is part of what she said,

MAURA SULLIVAN, Former U.S. Marine Corps Officer: "You know, Gwen, it's interesting. When you first join the Marine Corps, one of the first things you do is learn about our leadership traits. And there's 14 of them. We are taught justice, judgment, integrity, courage, unselfishness.

I think Barack Obama has the courage, the integrity that I saw in the greatest leaders and in the greatest Marines that I served with overseas. And he's demonstrated that he knows his people and he looks out for their welfare."

Here is her bio as it is written on Obama's website...

Maura was born and raised in Evanston, Illinois and attended Northwestern University on an ROTC scholarship. After graduating, she commissioned into the Marine Corps, serving as a logistics officer. Her first assignment was to Okinawa, Japan where she traveled through Southeast Asia on military duties. Maura deployed to Fallujah, Iraq in 2005 and served there with distinction. Upon separating from active duty, Maura began a joint degree program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Business School, where she remains currently.


I am not surprised, this is her mom.

Here is what Maura said about Obama on

"Some Republicans say Obama can't lead because he has not served a day in uniform," said former Marine Maura Sullivan, who served in Iraq and now attends grad school at Harvard. "One of the Marine Corps' principles is know your troops and look after their welfare. I think Barack Obama's service in the neighborhoods of Chicago translates perfectly to the service he would be able to give as commander-in-chief."

How will my adoption impact Maura?

I hope that someday in the near future, my kids will be guests at one of Aunt Mary's Sunday dinners. I hope that on that night, Maura is back home for a visit. I hope that my kids are able to throw their arms around Maura, and thank her profusely for helping to bring much needed change to a country that they now call home.

I can't wait.


  1. YEAH! Woo Hoo! You've got some important people in your Friday peeps!

  2. Not too shabby, indeed! Your family has some amazing women that will be wonderful role models for your children.

  3. Wow, what an awesomeness achieving woman for a cousin! You are blessed to have such good company in your family. That was a great tribute. I was uplifted to learn of her support for Obama; they're out there soldiers and foot soldiers and mind soldiers.

    Sí se puede!


  4. Just when I sit down to read, one starts stirring and skwaking awake. I'll come back & read the links later. In addition to clearly kicking ass, Maura is pretty. You have cool friends. You should come visit her and go on a Sullivan tour.

  5. Not too shabby!!!

    May I come for one of Aunt Mary's Sunday dinners? Good food, intelligent conversation and laughs... sounds like you have an pretty incredible family!!!

  6. Sounds like your family is VERY smart:-)!!!

  7. Um, I was actually hiding under a table during your bouquet toss.

  8. P.S.

    I'm pretty proud of our cousin too.

  9. Would your entire extended family adopt me and my family? We're cool too but not as pretty. We have friends in Evanston, my husband served in the Air force in Japan before going to Germany and well no one went to Harvard.

    Not too shabby!

  10. your whole posse is really a bunch of slackers. good lord! impressive stuff.

  11. Love her! Can I put her in touch with my Marine-officer cousin? He could use some converting.

  12. Hi Julie!!! I just saw your comment on my blog! After reading your blog, I saw that you went to the blog union. I must have missed ya...

  13. You are so very good. Your family is amazing. I ended up coming home sick this afternoon (very sad - because it means I am grounded this weekend)and was going through your Friday Feature links and just floored. I am so very glad that you and your family and friends are going to be shaping a new generation.

    You are very inspiring - and you should know that about yourself. This is how you impact other adoptions and families.