Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Friend or Family Feature...

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How do I say all there is to say about Kate? Impossible.

Kate is eleven years younger than I am. Being the youngest, Katie had to put up with some very over-protective behavior from her family. We used to stand right outside the bathroom door while she was showering so that in case we heard a large thud, we could race right in and rush her to the hospital. I don't think she got through an entire shower without one of us shouting from the other side of the bathroom door,"Katie, You all right in there?" until she was about eighteen years old. When she was really little she would say,"Reaaaaaady to get out," and one of us would rush right in with her fluffy pink hooded bath towel, wrap her up while still in the tub, and gently help her onto the safety of the bathroom rug. Our relief would be palpable in the steamy bathroom. She had showered and survived. She had not cracked open her precious Katie skull on the slippery tub.

Although I have shown great improvement, I am still a tiny bit over protective. There was a moment a couple of years ago when Kate and I were having lunch when I blurted out,"KATE WATCH OUT FOR THOSE TOOTHPICKS IN THAT SANDWICH!!!!!!!" I believe other members of my family reiterated to her the importance of avoiding these treacherous toothpicks. Can the girl just eat a sandwich already? Good Lord.

Kate has been there for me as a friend and a sister time and time again. Two of the worst days of my life, Kate was right there by my side. The first one was in 2004 when I was just waking up from my cancer surgery. The second was this past June when Kate helped take care of me after we put down our beloved dog Lummi. I don't want to go into the details of either one of those days as this post should be about honoring and celebrating all things Kate. Let's just say that I was really glad that she was there.

She also saved this guy:

Steven and I were out of town when Ted developed an abscess on his leg. He had been attacked at a dog park a few days earlier and although there were no signs of it, he had a bite that had become infected. She rushed him to the emergency vet and got him all fixed up.

Kate is a modern dancer, choreographer and professor. You can see her work here, although it would be better to see it in person if you have a chance. It is truly extraordinary. I know Kate has felt frustrated over the years that her family and friends didn't really "get" her work. I still don't understand a lot of it, and Kate will sometimes give a not too helpful, cryptic answer when you ask her, "What the hell was that all about?" Thanks for bearing with us as we have gained more knowledge and a rudimentary understanding of your work. I know it means so much to you, be patient with your family and your community. Your work is important and we are very proud of you. Keep educating us.

Speaking of education did I mention that Kate is a Fulbright scholar? Not too shabby. Her fellowship was to Budapest, Hungary. Brilliant and beautiful.

Boys? Let's just say that Kate is in her "frogs" stage, (apologies to anyone she may be dating that I haven't met and am just assuming they are frogs.) She hasn't yet found her prince. She is, however, finally starting to take my advice on dating:
Rule #1- No actors.
Rule #2- No musicians who have shoulder length hair, a fan club, and are currently "On Tour"("On Tour " is actually a red flag for any potential partner. Have you ever heard a Fulbright scholar refer to themselves as being "On Tour"? I didn't think so).
Rule #3- Suits are okay. Just because a man wears a suit doesn't mean he should be instantly ruled out. He may still be creative. Look at this guy for instance...

And finally, most importantly Rule #4- Don't rule out the "nice" guy - That's where you'll find your prince. I did.

Kate has it all together right? Sure, she is confident, competent, brave, accomplished, adaptable, and resourceful. What you may not know about her, and something that I think her friends and family should know, is that Kate is human. She has needs. She gets sad, really sad. She experiences loneliness. She sometimes needs support. She has strong opinions, sometimes it seems like there is no talking to her, but sometimes she needs advice. Here's an idea... give her a shout out if you read this. I know all of her best friends are scattered across the country and the world for that matter, but shoot her an e-mail, or post a comment here. If you agree that she is as fabulous as I say she is, let her know.

Kate is coming here on Sunday. My husband used to laugh because when we were younger, whenever we would get together, we would immediately begin the clothes swap. I mean literally immediately upon entering the house from the airport. "Oh, let me try that on," "Here, take this dress it looks weird on me." We would spend the first two hours rifling through each others wardrobe looking for new additions and items to covet or exchange. No matter where she had been or how long we hadn't seen each other we always re-bonded in this way.

It is so cool to have a little sister. I hope Kate can find it in her heart to forgive me all my maternal impulses, my over-protectiveness, my been there/don't do that attitude.

How will my adoption impact Kate? Kate is already a great aunt and an inspiring teacher. I can't wait for her to meet my new kids. They will be incredibly lucky to know her. She will be an excellent role model for them. She will encourage them to dance, to read, to express themselves, to pursue art, to travel, to experience other cultures, to do the perfect downward dog, to find beauty in the mundane, to cry if they are moved, to think globally and act locally, to take care of their bodies and minds, to love with their whole hearts and souls even if it means being ultimately rejected, to listen to great music, to pursue the perfect cup of coffee or a glass of Sauvignon blanc if so inclined, to stand up for what they believe in, and to laugh so hard they cry.

I am so happy to have you for a sister Kate. See you on Sunday. Got any new clothes?


  1. hey jules.
    thanks for this tribute to one of my favorite people on the planet. one of my favorite things about katie is her good heart & ability to be moved deeply by small and large things: sweet commercials, a lone star, a friend in need. i can't wait to see you all next week!

  2. um, this is the cutest thing ever....i love kate corby, and glad that i am one of the and dancers....i miss our daily bitch sessions in grad school, our scores of inside jokes, and being able to talk to someone about anything who you know will totally get where you are coming from. love you!!

  3. Where is the love, friends? The love is indeed on blogger! Thanks for the warmth and fuzziness! And JJ I had no idea you blogged.

  4. I consider Kate the bravest artist I know. (You'd have to be brave to perform modern dance, or any kind of dance for that matter, in the middle west.) I appreciate her spirit, good humor, and the special friendship she offers to my wife. She's an inspiration, and she'll be a stellar auntie.

  5. You have GOT to be making these people up!