Saturday, December 22, 2007

I don't want to wait in vain...

Since I have so much time before my children get here, I decided to pick this up from the library.

What on earth was I thinking? This is one difficult language and I certainly don't have the coveted "ear for languages" like some people do. Nonetheless, I will give it a go. At the very least maybe I will be able to order a beer in Ethiopia,( not very helpful since I don't like beer). I remember in French class one of the first things they taught us was,"Où est la bibliothèque ?" Where is the library? I lived in France and never got to say that once.

Steven and I went to the central LA library a couple of weeks ago. Check it out..

Gorgeous. It might be worth a white-knuckled freeway drive to take my future kids down there for storytelling.

They also have a rare books section, but we couldn't get in without an advance reservation.

I commented to Steven that they probably have a bunch of first editions there. He said ,"Yeah, they probably have a Bukowski puked on by Hank himself." That Steven, he's a keeper.

I think Buk should have used this photo as his Christmas card. If we don't at least have a referral by this time next year, I'm going to send it out as ours.

Oh, I almost forgot. During the homestudy process my social worker asked me why I thought I'd be a good mom.

I said,

"I like to go to the library."

Nice answer. No wonder I don't have any children. I am a complete moron.


  1. That is a good answer! If the social worker has any sense she will realize that a) you'll read bed time stories to your babies; b) you will check out wholesome cook books; c) You will find books on how to knit baby hats and legwarmers; d) e) f) ....well, there is nothing that you cannot find in a library.
    Did I mention the 'Joy Of Sex'? - Oooops.

  2. I think its a good answer too! Moms should take kids to libraries if they can. If you are still trying to learn Amharic, the "Amharic Basic Language" Course put out by the Foriegn Service Institute is soooo much better than the David Appleyard one, in my opinion. It is expensive, at $295.00, but it is sooo much better/easier then the others I tried and quit in frustration.