Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Friend or Family Feature...

Today's Feature is...

My Aunt Mary!

The above picture is of my Grandma Jean, my Aunt Mary and me. I am the one wearing the festive hat. I love this picture. I feel like it is a bit symbolic. I feel that, in a way, my Aunt Mary has had her strong arms underneath me for some time now. I feel like she has been helping me keep my head up.

My Aunt Mary has always been extremely supportive. So many times I thought that she was the only one in the world who could really understand what I was going through. She has had challenges of her own in the family building department. She knows all too well the pain of pregnancy loss. Her thoughtful cards, knowing words, and loving encouragement have helped me immensely.

My Aunt Mary was the only person I knew personally who had adopted a child. She actually adopted two children, two beautiful daughters. It is some how reassuring to know someone who has done something that you are considering doing, before you actually do it. “Well, it turned out okay for Aunt Mary so it must not be too scary.”

My Aunt Mary has a beautiful family chock full of children, adopted and biological. Aunt Mary never pushed the idea of adoption on me. She let me get there on my own. Her support was constant. Her encouragement was only spoken when I asked her to speak it. My Aunt Mary, with her loving words and kind gestures has helped me to stand up, brush myself off and get myself together. She has, by example, led the way.

My sister Kate recently had the opportunity to attend a birthday celebration for my cousin Brenna. Kate said that at this celebration my Aunt Mary got up and made a speech. She told Brenna about the moment she heard that Brenna was going to be her daughter. She told her how excited she was. She described how incredibly happy she was then, and how thrilled she feels now to be her mom.

How will my adoption impact my Aunt Mary? My Aunt Mary is pretty incredible. She has a beautiful family and a successful career. She has a huge group of friends. Every Sunday night she has family dinner at her house. All are welcome. It is a sight to behold. Three generations, food, dogs, babies, dishes, ice cream. It is what you think of when you envision an enviable family dinner scene. I can’t wait until my kids get the opportunity to sit at that table and break bread with my Aunt Mary. They will be so lucky to sit next to this woman. She will never make them feel different or less important because they are adopted. She will embrace them in her strong, thin, beautiful arms. Whether they see her once a year or every Sunday night, they will know that they can always count on her for love and for support. My Aunt Mary knows how longed for these children are, how difficult it was finding our way to them, and what an incredible gift it will be to know them.

I can’t wait.

Thanks Aunt Mary.


  1. Awww, that is so sweet and emotional. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful person.


  2. She's pretty much the best!

  3. Thanks for making me cry every Friday! Your Aunt Mary sounds wonderful. One more person in your life to spoil those kiddos of yours!