Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For all those still waiting to be moms...

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Apron strings
Hanging empty crazy things
My body tells me
I want someone to tie to my
Apron strings

Apron strings
Waiting for you pretty things
That I could call you
I want someone to tie to my
Lonely apron strings.

Your baby looks just like you when you were young
And he looks at me with eyes that shine
And I wish that he were mine
Then I go home
To my
Apron strings
Cold and lonely,
For time brings
thoughts that only
Will be quiet when someone clings
to my apron strings.

And I'll be perfect in my own way
When you cry I will be there
I'll sing to you and comb your hair
All your troubles I will share

For apron strings
Can be used for other things
Than what they're meant for
and you'd be happy wrapped in my
Apron strings

You'd be happy wrapped in my
Apron strings


  1. "For all those still waiting to be moms. . ." just thought I'd swoop in and slay you this morning. For all you waiters, just wanted to reduce you to a sad music sobby mess! Happy Mothers' Day! Ha Ha! I'm Julie and I'm evil!

    Just kidding. It is a very pretty and moving song.

  2. So happy that someone (other than me) is keeping Everything but the Girl in their music rotation. I am instantly transported to She's Having a Baby-- then I'm tearing up. Those kids are coming, mama-- its going to happen soon.