Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I've got a sadness that I can't shake today. It started with this article.

I also have been reading some heartbreaking stories from adoptive families home with their adopted Ethiopian children. There is so much grief.

Like the little boy whose birthday cake reminded him too much of the cake at his care center's goodbye ceremony, and the little girl who nuzzled up to her dad's hair after he roasted coffee and said," Daddy, you smell like Ethiopia."

I am sad today.

To the beautiful and resilient people of Ethiopia... I am praying for rain.

These pictures I used are by Niall Crotty and the song is by Snow Patrol.


  1. As we went through every stage of this process, I wondered how many times a heart could break. The grief/sadness can be so overwhelming and almost impossible to explain to someone not going through the same thing. There are days when I just feel a weight on my heart. Your slide show is beautiful.


  2. The article is so powerful. I just read the April enews from Glimmer of Hope about the water supply (lack of) in ET and was overcome with such a sense of sadness and awareness of the need to 'do more.' Thanks for the link.

  3. Julie, don't be sad. Concentrate on the fact that you and Steve can do something about it. You children will need empathy, no doubt. But they will also need smiles and laughter in their lives. Look forward to all the happiness you will give them.
    What I mean: you cannot change the rains, or the fate of those poor people, and their life stock. So make it up a thousandfold to your little children.
    I do that whenever I hear a story of some animal abuse which I am helpless to change: I go home and give my own animals a particularly nice day...

  4. Wow, that article is such a great article, albeit very alarming and sad. Thanks for sharing it, I printed it to keep in my Ethiopia adoption binder...


  5. Well lets get these folks some water http://www.playpumps.org/site/c.hqLNIXOEKrF/b.2589561/k.C08/The_PlayPump_System__The_Water_Problem.htm look Jules your Blog is bring water to Africa

  6. This slideshow was fabulous. So great to see so much beauty and smiling. And to be reminded that those beautiful smiling faces could be subjected to the statistics. Its just moving and effective in a whole different way than the deluge of images of starving, sick children that come out of drought ravaged places. Thanks for doing it.