Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Friend or Family Feature...

Today's Feature is...


Gabrielle turns one today. I have known her her whole life.

Gabby's official nickname is Gigi, but I call her Gabby. Gigi seems too, I don't know, French.

Gabby is an excellent friend.

She'll meet me at a moment's notice for Chili Verde at my local greasy spoon...

She shares her toys with me...

She holds my hand during dinner...

She likes Steven...

And she loves Teddy...

Recently Gabby did something incredibly thoughtful...

How on earth did she know that Steven's mom met Steven's dad in Israel? How did she know how meaningful this present would be? I suspect her mom and dad put her up to it.

How will my adoption impact Gabby?

Gabby is the only one of our friends who has actively begun studying Amharic in order to better understand our children. She thought it would be helpful to learn some key words...

Word number one: WUSHA.

Word number two: ELMOH.

My kids will be lucky to have Gabby as a friend.

I can't wait.

Happy Birthday Gabrielle. Please save me a few Elmoh cupcakes.


  1. So cute...
    and who wouldnt love Teddy?

  2. Gabby is a real gorgeous thing! And obviously totally smart too. Lucky you, getting to spend all that time with her!


  3. Ok, that is the cutest post!! Happy birthday Gabby, you are so smart...I am impressed on how far your Amharic has come already...keep up the good work!

  4. You have more friends than anyone I've ever met!! :)

    She's cute.

  5. Such a living doll and so considerate and learned as well...

  6. She's a cutie. She looks like good training material for you. It looks like you are being very productive with your wait time.