Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy New Year.

Melkam Addis Amet!

Some daisies for you on the Ethiopian New Year.

is more info on the holiday.

We are planning on going here to celebrate...

See you there?

Also, since it is supposed to be a holiday filled with dreams and hopes for the future, here is Moses enjoying one such hope, in its full, figtastic, fruition...

And you thought I was kidding when I said we planted it for him.


  1. I did not know today was Ethiopian New Year, thanks for enlightening me. :) I hope Moses enjoys the fig, it looks plump and juicy.


  2. It is so cool that you have such great cultural recources close by. I am very jealous :)

  3. Here's wishing you a new year full of joy, love, happiness, and pleasant surprises!

  4. We should be in town by then. I'd love to meet up there with you guys!

  5. Happy Enkutatash to you as well!

    I am impressed with your figs for pups outreach.

    If all goes well, I think we are coming down this weekend for the celebration in Little Ethiopia as well.

    The better half and I are quite curious as to the event.

  6. Oh, I wish we could see you at the celebration! Happy New Year to you, too! Thanks for being my first "follower"! I am definetely a fan of yours :)

  7. knowing that within this new year you will be showered with good luck, good news, sounds of scampering feet and shouts of "MOM!!!!!!!!" enjoy your celebration.

  8. Is that the plant Steven got you? Looks good. We go celebrate one of the "oldest culture" New Years on the 13th. Hope you go and have fun.