Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Morning...

Looks like this guy had a rough weekend.

Hope your Monday is going well. Just a quick reminder for all book club members, (it's not too late to join!). Today marks our first goal date. Please check out today's post at Eyes on Books, and throw in your two cents!

Oh, and check out someone who had a GREAT weekend. Congratulations to my cute neighbors!


  1. I'm looking for a good book for our trip to Ethiopia-- leaving in less than one week!!! I'm thinking I need something light for when I'm emotionally overwhelmed, but I hate total fluff, bodice-ripper romances, and scary books.... any suggestions???

    You are now the official book expert :)

  2. Leah, I'm not sure why but "Wonder Boys" popped into my head, by Michael Chabon. Or something by Don DeLillo, although I wouldn't necessarily classify his stuff as light. Have a great trip? Do you have a blog?