Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Friend or Family Feature...

Today's Feature was going to be...


Unfortunately, I feel like I am way too low in spirits to write a proper tribute. I am thrilled, however, that I got to speak to him yesterday on his 92nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Papa!

I will fill in this feature when I figure out how to sum up your 92 years in one blog post. No small feat.


  1. Wow... what a blessing you've had him so long! I can't wait to read all about him.

  2. 92?! Amazing and awesome. I send him warm wishes on this oh-so-special day!

    As for you- what can we do to get those spirits of yours up? Feeling down is CRAPPY (I know). Quick! Go in front of your bathroom mirror and start making faces at yourself.

  3. had to be a tough week with your mom heading out. Happy bday to your grandfather-- you seem to have an amazing family- which is only going to continue to grow when your kids come home. You're going to have amazing stories to tell them.