Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Top Reasons Why it is Preferable to Spend the Holidays With Finns...

Riisipirakka. Delicious, especially with cheese on top.


Scrumptious Carb-y goodness, worth the wait.

Finnish Mustard
. Don't let the paint tube container deter you from sampling this yummy delicacy.

Festive Shirts...

A Finn won't hesitate to provide you with a more festive shirt to change into to celebrate your festivities in a more festive way.

And although, up until now I have been happy to report that we are not those people who dress their animals in human clothing, Moses was quite cold and needed a festive garment of his own...

Prepare Ye for the next mouth-watering delicacy....

Finnish Chocolate
. I have had some chocolate in my day, and I have to say...THIS IS THE BEST CHOCOLATE THAT I HAVE EVER HAD...


I have spent many hours here. Finns are big on Saunas (pronounced SAWWNAAA). Sweaty, purifying goodness, sometimes followed by a dip in the freezing cold sea, or a roll in the icy snow, or in my case, a nap...

Finns are excellent photographers...

and enjoy giving the gift of wonder...

Wives of Finns enjoy spending time with their 90210 Dylan dolls...

Finns are dog friendly, and don't mind if you want to invite your parents to their festivities.

Finn Festivity and Finery... Fantastic.


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. I am so glad you are surrounded by good friends, good family and good FOOD!

    Love and hugs,

  2. So seriously, we had our Finnish influence this year as well since our exchange student is Finnish and is the son of my Finnish host sister (who I lived with in 82!). What a fun fun post for me! I'm inspired to make pulla today :-) Hyvaa Joulua!!!

  3. I am telling you Scandinavian Christmas rocks! Hope they did not force you to drink too much snaps though. Looks like fun.


  4. That looked like fun! Love all the colorful hats everyone wore. I have no idea what kind of food you were talking about, but I'd love to try it!

    Moses in a sweater... too cute!

  5. Ahh, this made me miss living in Europe. Switzerland had similar things. We used to use mustard and mayo in tubes. Good chocolate...totally miss it. And I love saunas too.

    Scandinavian is like a little heaven on earth, isn't it? :)

  6. before you leave the land of the Finns..... PLEASE let me know how to find the 90210 dylan doll. I'm only imagining the fun that could be had. Looks like this trip is fabulous.

  7. The 90210 Dylan doll put me over the edge, I am celebrating with you next year:-)

  8. OMG I am jealous, I think - sounds like you had a really rockin' time!

  9. This is a complaint to owner of blog! (j/k)

    Those Finns look like a blast. Quick, give me some chocolate!

    I'm poking around on your wintry mix and can't see the names of the songs/artists. boo-hoo. Oh, doesn't the first song sound so much like Mazzy Star with guitar (but, I know its not)?

    Enjoy your festivities!


  10. You forgot to mention the crowns - or maybe that's not a Finnish thing?

    Looks like a wonderful time, so glad you had a happy holiday!

  11. Wow. Not too bad. :) I'm glad that you guys had a wonderful holiday!!!

  12. So where did you go? I'm guessing you didn't REALLY go to Finland... right? It's a long way from New Mexico (the last post!), unless maybe you did a Conan O'Brien thing. Happy New Year, my friend!

  13. I cannot even beging to tell you the amount of time that I have lost looking at the Bullet...and then tonight I saw one in a the bullet is this possibility...could this be my food processor it...

  14. Finns rule! I am Japanese and have been to Finland SIX TIMES because I have so many beloved friends who live there. Every cool quirk of theirs is noted in your blog, and had me rolling just remembering my many visits. I treasure all my SAWWWNAAAAA experiences too!! Though you forgot to mention that after a sauna, they like to run to the nearest ice hole and dip in the water to *** really *** appreciate how nice the sauna is as a place to return to...!
    Great sweater on the dog BTW!
    Thanks for sharing!!