Saturday, December 20, 2008

Teen Dream...

Last night, for the first time, I dreamt that we received our proposal (referral). It was for two girls. One was two years old, the other one was ten years old. When we actually saw the picture, the girl was actually thirteen or so. There has been a lot of age drama in our household. I won't go into all the boring details, but originally we requested two kids under three years old. So many of the kids we have met here have been a lot older than their referral stated. We thought that by saying 'three' we would, at most, miss the first six or seven years of our kids' lives. We have since changed our homestudy to two under six, which is why I think I am dreaming about teenagers.

Also, Steven and I had the following conversation a couple of weeks ago...

Him: I don't know anything about girls.
Me: What are you talking about? You are great with girls. You can teach them math, and about plants. You know all about girls.
Him: I know all about one girl.
Me: (Smile)
Him: But I don't know about girls.

He also said something about the age increase. Something like, "Hi, welcome to the family, we've made an appointment for you to get fitted with an IUD."

I find this adorable. He is all paternal, and uncomfortable, and protective, and do people even use the IUD anymore? Isn't that something from the fifties? How old are we? I am definitely the wrong person to ask about birth control.

So, there you have it. My first dream. Two girls. One of them dangerously close to driving age.

Could someone tell me about High School Musical? I have a sinking feeling I am going to have to know. Oh, and I am going to need to know how to text message. You people and your newfangled technology and birth control.



  1. I can tell you our girl knows nothing about text messaging and cringes when she sees people kissing on t.v. Birth control won't be an issue for us - at least not anytime soon :)

    I held images of babies and young children when I imagined my family - never did I have in mind to adopt a teenager. I can say it is truly the best! The girl has brought out my inner teen and is so much fun to be with.

    The driving age thing is scaring me though. I told her not even to entertain the fantasy until she has learned to organize her room. Then we'll tackle the streets. :)

    I keep hoping I'm going to wake up and read that you have your referral. Whatever age children you receive, they will be incredible gifts.

  2. My sister-in-law has an IUD. Which is more information than I would prefer to know about her (or anyone), but at least I could pass the info on to you - hope it's helpful!

    When I'm not worrying about how I will handle a little girl's hair, I am worrying about not knowing anything about little boys. I've got two younger brothers, but somehow that doesn't feel like enough preparation for raising a boy!

  3. I am so going to start texting you.
    Seriously, I need your cell #.
    HSM is cool, but stay far, far away from Bratz! Ick!

  4. I love that about dreams—they're a way for you to try on different realities and see how they fit. You'd be terrific parents to teenagers—whether your kids come to you in that state or grow into it.

    As for IUDs: Yep, they're still in use (though you don't have to get fitted for them). Really, though, I think you could just describe the IUD to a teenager and that would scare her off sex forever.

  5. Steven is so funny...tell him it doesn't matter if he knows about girls...he'll see their faces (if they are girls) and it won't matter whether they need an IUD or a condom:-)

    Oh and I know a lot about High School Musical but you should probably go ask the expert, Ruby:-)

  6. I knew nothing about kids in general past 3 hours of age before I brought Ruby home (3 hours was how long we kept them in labor and delivery before transfering babe and mom to the postpartum unit.) It's amazing how fast you learn.

    I can give you the whole run down on birth control when you need it. And, routinely seeing girls who report their first consensual intercourse between 12 and 14 years of age (and occasionally younger), let me say, you need to start talking about it long before you might imagine. Oh, and the IUD is super popular now - much better than the 1950s version.

  7. Oh I love the part where your hubby says, "I know all about one girl".

    And for the record, when I found out I was pregnant with Haven (a boy) I freaked out. I never pictured boys and didn't have the slightest idea on how to raise boys. Now I LOVE being the Mama to boys!!!

    You guys will be awesome parents no matter who you get.

  8. What a wonderful comment...knowing about one sweet.
    IUD's are still around (and work) but I think you are going to have plenty of time before you need that ;)
    I am so excited to hear what your proposal will be. Hopefully soon!!

  9. Before we travelled to meet our kids, a friend & I would joke about the age thing... "oh, sure, they say 4 but we'll get there and they'll be driving." She actually had a dream where she came home with 3 kids instead of 1 and two were teenagers and immediately started stealing cars. Heh. So you are not alone with the crazy dreams, and if it makes you feel better, our 4 year olds were probably actually 5, but not older than that. :)

  10. That is really sweet that Steven is all protective. As for text messaging, I am still learning so good luck. I do know that ILY=I love you, IMY= I miss you, and SWAK= sealed with a kiss. I learned this from Leah :)

    I have to date refused to learn anything about HSM, Hannah Montana and second the stay away from Bratz dolls.

    Well I wish you all the best and hope that proposal is right around the corner. And no worries, I have a feeling you will both be wonderful parents no matter what age your children.

  11. Oooh, you're going to have to know about High School Musical if you get a SIX year old! I love asking "Who's that?" to my girl students, when they come to school with pictures of Troy on their t-shirts and backpacks. Then I like to ask them if they know who Danny Zuko is. (I'm going to see Grease at the theatre in two weeks.)

    Being mom to two girls sounds wonderful! I am definitely in favor of it, regardless of their age.

  12. I love your dream, very interesting. I am going to do a cartwheel when you get your proposal (I better start practicing, I have never done a cartwheel....)!

    Once I was at the airport waiting for my mom to deplane (this was when you could wait at the gate for people). And there was a little girl standing next to me and we both had our hands pressed to the glass looking for the plane to pull up. She looks up at me and says, "It's hard to wait." That was probably fifteen years ago and I will never forget that little girl. It was so poignant, like she was warning me about life.

    You'll get there, girl.


  13. I can show you how to text message. However, if you choose to learn from me please know that your new mode of communication will officially be more inefficient than a telegram sent by pigeons.

    That's bada$$ that you had a dream about your proposal. I'm all about special messages coming to us in magical ways...

    Merry Christmas to you and that Steven guy you always babble on about...


  14. When Caroline, who is now almost 8 was born, Jud said the same thing! Not the sweet "I only know about one girl" but that he didn't know anything about girls! Now she is definatly the apple of his eye!

    We're both worried about how deal with teen years, but I guess we'll learn!

    I hope you hear something soon!

  15. You guys crack me up. This is one of the reasons I've requested an infant. I will so not be ready for the teen drama anytime in the next decade.

  16. You totally need 2 learn 2 text.I think it is the only way teens communicate these days. I swear I saw my 2 teen nephews texting each other in my living room the other day. They were sitting next to each other on the couch. And they were probably writing about how much it sucked being at Auntie Charlottes when they could be skate boarding, dude.

    Loved Stevens comment too.

    Oh and btw I had a dream about a proposal and we got one shortly thereafter. Just a sayin'.

    It better be your turn soon!


  17. Dreams mean a lot. You never know. Cling to them and be open to whatever. Girls are a blast!
    Garrett said he didn't know anything about girls either, but he is far better with them, then even Mommy sometimes!
    Hang in there! It'll come soon!

  18. I just read this. Somehow I missed it earlier in the week. You are both so darn sweet. I can't wait until you are are already parents. You are going to do an amazing job with the parenting regardless of the age of your children.