Monday, December 15, 2008

Doctor it hurts when I do this...

I have discovered that I have the following ailments...

1.Pre-Proposal Paralysis.
Symptoms include; not leaving the house, an inability to accomplish tasks, an inability to wear proper clothing, an aversion to hair dryers, make-up, bras, the gym, and toothpaste, an affinity for all things carbohydrate. May include mass consumption of chocolate and pop-tarts.

2.Adoption induced Agoraphobia.
Symptoms include; not leaving the house, and an irrational fear of stepping outside to retrieve the newspaper. Benefits may include a substantial savings on gasoline expenditures.

Any cures for what ails me?

Oh, and I chose the cartoon because someone found my blog by Google-ing...

'anthropomorphizing dogs to substitute for intimacy'

All I have to say about that is..." I remsemble that remark!"


  1. cute, very cute. here's hoping your cure arrives in four to six weeks (or less). :)

  2. There is only one cure, a proposal, but the prognosis is good. And the dogs for intimacy thing is too funny.

  3. I wish I had some cure for you but I do have the is WOPAP disorder...I too had this...self diagnosed of course, I blogged about it, so it is a real illness...because once you blog about something, it is real:-).

    You ask what this is...well, in my case...WORAP disorder or in your case WOPAP is...Waiting on proposal adoption psychosis...the only cure will be a proposal. Sorry..this nurse has no other treatments to offer at this time.

    The bill is in the mail!!

  4. You are too funny! and pop tarts are part of my plan too!

    By this time next year all of this will be a blur. You will be so tired you won't even remember it.

  5. I have to say the proposal might not cure the agoraphobia—once you have cuties to cuddle, you'll be even less likely to want to leave the house. (See how I framed that? What I really wanted to say was, "Once you've suffered through your first grocery store tantrum, you'll never want to leave the house again.")

    Your search terms—wow! I have new aspirations.

  6. I had all those pre-prop symptoms. ALL OF THEM! Positive results include much healthier hair without all that blow drying, no clothes shopping since I just wore the same thing, and, well, there has to be more, like deciding that daily showers are totally overrated.

    Oh, yes, bring pop tarts with you to Ethiopia. They will hit the spot there like never before.

  7. let me add one more thing along the lines of 'in a year you'll be so tired you won't remember.' I am starting to think I've had a mini stroke because my capabilities are waaaayyy reduced. The second kid pushed me over and you're starting with two! Right now you're storing up brain cells that you will desperately need. Why waste energy leaving the house?

  8. I wish someone had done that google search and stumbled upon you. Think how less alone they would feel once they found you?!

  9. luckily i don't have to anthropomorphize my dog India, as she has always been a person. A fur person.

  10. My dogs were wearing pants the week before we heard about Misho. Could be a sign of impending human motherhood - or insanity. For me, it was both. They did look nice in trousers though.

  11. Yes, store up on all your energy and sleep and love on those dogs all you can now. With the proposal comes massive, frantic, neurotic busy times.

    Hermit moms unite!


  12. Yup, your proposal is your cure.

    I've had similar symptoms - mostly the carbs affinity. Also, how many days in a row can you wear the same, tired old bra because it's too much effort to pick out another one?

  13. Julie, this post is exactly why I love you like I do.

  14. Hmmm... 2 and 1/2 years after we brought our daughter home, I'm still suffering from the symptoms you described in the "pre-proposal paralysis". It's not looking so good for me.

  15. You are so funny. So are your commentors. I love the one about dressing the dog in pants. You know, the dogs are in for a whole new kind of love when the kids get home. You know, dogs are so unconditional in their love and then you add a very small child loving that dog and vice versa, it is incredibly strong and beautiful. We put down our very old and very sick dog last November when my son was two. To this day, he will sing songs dedicated to her and he used to think that heaven was possibly located above our favorite Chinese restaurant. Dogs and kids are just very pure creatures.


  16. Julie, you are hilarious! I'm cracking up. :)

    Who needs to get the paper when you have Ted that knows perfectly well how to do it for you? My motto is: Dogs are minions.

    Which would be fine, except our dog does nothing productive. He just eats compost.



  17. Ooooh pop tarts - probably the only thing I haven't eaten yet during this agonizing wait!

  18. You are a funny girl! I love that someone found your blog with that google search!

  19. It must mean your referral is coming soon!

    On a different note... I need a dog. :)