Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Friend or Family Feature...

Good news, bad news...

Well, not really...more like 'delayed good news' and more good news. I am sorry to say that Rebecca Haile's Guest Blogger post will not be going up until next week. Why you ask? Well, Uhm, how should I put this...

Ms. Haile is kind of a big deal ! Like most successful authors, she is very busy. Look at it this way, you have more time to read her book.

Now for the other good news, I have space to mention a certain someone. Please read this. What a truly lovely idea this is. I wish I had thought of it. Courtney is such a beautiful soul.

I hope you get the chance to meet her one day. (Picture stolen from Drew. Doesn't it look like we are kidnapping the young Abe ? And doesn't it look like we are really excited about it?)

Isn't her idea beautiful?

What? You want more?

Okay, how about some honest 'wrestling' about adoption.

Insightful, wise, lovely souls. We are surrounded by them.

What?! Not enough?! How about a gratuitous cute kid picture of my buddy Marley? This child just keeps getting cuter and cuter...

You want music too? Oh for the love of Pete. Here you go...the concert I wish I was going to tomorrow here in Los Angeles. Got an extra ticket?

That's it. I am feeling particularly happy right now. I am sure it won't last, but while it does, I hope it rubs off on you.

Have a fantastic weekend.


  1. Thanks so much for pointing me to Courtney's blog. Wow. I wish I had thought of the bead thing, too! But it's not too late ... if you do it, I'll do it :)

    Being #1 on the list feels awful. I wake up happy and willing to make it a good day. By the evening, I realize today was not the day and just sink down... ugh!

  2. Thank you for sharing this song! I can feel my mood changing! And thanks for adding more wonderful women to my must read blogs!! It does feel wonderful to be a part of this sisterhood!

  3. I know! Courtney's post blew me away last night! I would say I love that idea...but it is not so much an idea as such a true expression of who she is...and I don't even know her (except through blog land).

    Also, I have been doing nothing but listening to Spearhead all day...

    oh, and 'wrestling' made me laugh out loud...the smiles continue...

  4. Wow. Your post. The comments people have made. Pure, true, 100% tears streaming down my cheeks.

    I am humbled. And every so grateful for you. And them.

    Can we revisit that hug thing? And then maybe sit down for a long chat??

  5. OMG, what a precious smile. Thanks for sharing.


  6. I too was wowed by that great idea and that honest wrestling. It's been a good week on the intertubes. :)