Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Friend or Family Feature...

For today's feature I was going to ask everyone reading this to look in the mirror. Seriously. You guys are amazing. I feel like from now on, I should just write a one sentence question or thought and just let you guys comment. You are an insightful bunch. Thank you for everything.

So that's it for this blog. I have nothing left to say.

Just kidding. But I do have to go to work, so enjoy the Ethiopian Daisies I am sending you.

Oh, and here is a 'prompt' for you guys...

Do you allow your kids to sleep over at their friend's house? Do you allow their friends to stay overnight with you?

Someone in my family grew up in a household where this was Verbotten. Someone else thinks that nothing would be more fun than to have two certain someones come over with their sleeping bags.


Have a great weekend, and thank you again.


  1. Disallowing sleepovers is totally un-American, er, un-Ethio-American. Now, when it comes to elementary school age little girl slumber parties, that's just asking for Lord of the Flies in your living room.

  2. A sleep over is like visiting a foreign country for a child; wonderful, exciting, exotic. I can only think that it encourages an adventurous spirit.

    Yes to sleep overs at friends house and at our house (much prefer our house however!)

    It is lord of the flies but with chocolate chip pancakes in the morning.

    And best of all the sound of late night giggles and whispers floating through the house. Of all the lovely sounds in the universe children giggling in the dark has got to rank in the top ten.

  3. Well, we don't have kids yet but my best friend and I took turns living at each other's houses everyweekend in high school.

    There is nothing like a good sleepover :) I think it is good for kids to learn to be away from home and to experience life with other people. They get to try different foods etc.

  4. sleepovers are super fun, but i won't allow my kids to have them until they're old enough and until (if she goes to another house) I know the parents well. I know, so untrusting. I do have some friends who where abused by friends' fathers or brothers, and that freaks me out. These people where middle/upper class, totally "normal" and "nice" members of the community. Or not. So I'd make it clear to whoever hosts my children... that I'm perfectly willing to beat the crap out of them if they are nothing less than perfect with my kid.
    Do I have control issues? hmmmm...
    becca :)
    (man, sorry to be the "downer" comment.. oops...)

  5. Sleepovers are the best!! Pacey loves sleeping at her cousling's house!! Of course right now that is the only place besides gramma and papa's but when she gets older..there will be lots of slumber hooplas with her buddies. These buddies will be from families that I know well and trust. Not just anyone!! I will also insure that the houses she goes to are safe...such as no guns in the home etc.
    Thanks for the flowers, I love them:-) hee hee!!!

  6. Slumber party....I had them all the time at my house and my best friend's house growing up. Those were different times though. For G, I think she would DEFINITELY be allowed and encouraged to slumber with you, Steven, your children and dogs, but right now, there are probably few others in Los Angeles where it would be okay....maybe one of our neighbors who we absolutely trust. But, it definitely will not be forbidden, just allowed with the utmost trustworthy peeps(as most of your other blogging buddies say).

  7. I had Ethiopian Daisies in my sungarden this past summer. Now there is a foot of snow out there and it's 10 degrees. Sigh.

    I am for sleepovers, definitely. But I am picky about who my son would stay with, that is, if he would go for a sleepover in the first place. He is almost four and he says no to sleepovers. I also have fears about pervs, I have to say, so I would have to know the adults very well.

    As for sleepovers at my house, by all means, yes! My son has had a few friends sleep over and he LOVES it and so do I. I remember as a kid how I marvelled at how differently other parents ran their own little worlds. Have a great weekend, everybody.


  8. Sleepovers are an essential part of childhood. I fondly remember going to them at friends houses and having them at mine. I will surely allow my daughter to attend and host :)

  9. I would look in the mirror, except that I'd see that I'm still wearing my jammies at nearly noon and that would be terribly embarrassing to admit. Except I just did.

    We haven't done sleepovers yet, but only b/c our oldest is just now sleepover age (I think) and his best friend lives an hour away. All the more reason for a sleepover, I suppose. I'll get right on that!

  10. Hi there! Our kids (9, 5, and 2) have never done sleepovers, except a couple times at the grandparents and then the two oldest stayed together, so I felt like they had each other. I sure wish my parents were closer so that they could do that more often! We could use the break now and then. I wouldn't be comfortable sending them to anyone else's house, though... except yours, of course! :)

    The 9 year old has one friend, adopted by a single mom, who stays at our house on occassion when her mom has to go out of town for work. The girls have a blast! They'd love to do it more often if I was up for it. It is a bit of extra work and worry (the little girl is fatally allergic to nut products which makes me very nervous)but makes for good memories for the kids.

  11. Our oldest daughter is 12 and in "prime-sleepover" age, but also in "prime-things-can-go-bad-way-too-quick" age, which is why we prefer to have sleepovers at home. We do have a few families we trust enough to let her stay the night, but the screening process is rather tough...:-)

    We're fortunate to have an adoring grandmother live really close, which serves as a free babysitting/sleepover option for all three girls when the grown-ups venture out in the world to do grown-up things. I have friends who're a lot less cautious about letting their children spend the night at friends' house, just so they can get a night to themselves...

  12. Um...verboten as an anti-sleepover dictate has cracked me up ALL FREAKING DAY!

    I say "Heil Slumber Parties!"

  13. OMG I *loved* sleepovers. Highly recommend them. Will definitely allow/encourage them with Elsa.

  14. Well, we are 4 certain someones, not 2.... oh... you meant someone else?

    I am of the same watch out for pervs philosophy.

    I had a girls' sleepover when I was 32 or so. Have to say, pretty nifty to see my doctor/ single mom friend whipping up 4 made to order omelets at a time. In my kitchen. So I left to have more champagne.

  15. Oh man, by the time I finish the screening process, the family would probably disinvite my child. I would have to run criminal background checks first. The house must be free of pervs, guns, drugs, racists, poisenous plants, unfenced swimming pools, people who think they can see Jesus in their toast, ATV's, knives (even in the kitchen drawers), terrorists, country music, homo phobes, etc.

    If they clear all of these hurdles then we'll be right over!


  16. Julie, your messages recently have touched my heart in an intense way. I'm struggling with the right words to send your way... but one day, my friend, one day.


    Oh- as for sleepovers. The more the merrier. Until they're teenagers. Then all bets are off.

  17. sleep overs rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ahh sleep overs!!!
    I love when the boys have their friends over for the night (warning: it does cause grumpy kids due to lack of sleep/too much sugar, and probably a very messy bedroom or basement)
    All negatives aside, how cool is it that your kid wants to share their home with a buddy for the night?? Since our boys are getting older now, I use it as a cool-ness baromiter... if we are still cool enough to host sleepover, they must still not think we are THAT embarrassing!!

  19. I am all for sleepovers. I had them when i was little. and I think every kid should have them.
    There's my 2 cents

  20. I'm agreeing with everyone else - yes, yes, yes! But only in very well screened houses. Preferably mine. Unless I'm really, really, really tired and fed up, in which case preferably someone else's!!

  21. I'm going through the same questions. My girl (9 years) spends the night at her cousins and grandparents and I had an extreemly good friend in Vegas who has kids the same age that she stayed with, but I don't know. I'm great with kids staying here, but a little weary because I'm a teacher and I know how accusations can kill careers (I've seen it happen) I think there is such a short amount of the years between the right age and teen years too. I have no answers for you