Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Friend or Family Feature...

The Friday Friend or Family Feature is happily preempted today by another 'Friday Extremely Happy Shout Out'...

Cathy got some good news this week. Cathy started waiting just after I did. She and her husband have loved and lost as foster parents (something that I was not brave enough to do).

Sweet Cathy, I hope you meet your peanut very soon. I have really enjoyed the way you have grown on your blog. I don't mean that in a condescending way, I mean it in a big sister kind of way. I am proud of you, and thrilled that you finally have some joy. Congratulations!

Tomorrow marks one year of 'officially waiting' for us. I have a post I am working on, but it is a little, uhm, crazy, intense. In addition to writing down some thoughts, I have come with up with the mistakes I have made along the way. You can imagine how long it is.

Have a good weekend.


  1. You have me intrigued... I can't wait to read your reflections on one year.

  2. Thanks Julie! You have definitely helped keep me sane and helped me learn a lot in this process. I will still be keeping my fingers crossed that you can be rejoicing soon! I know we haven't met in real life but you are a rockstar and I am so glad that blogging land has brought us together.
    Your strength inspires me.

  3. Happy 1 year of waiting...not that it's not more like a lifetime of waiting!! Congrats on not going totally crazy. I'm sure we will be celebrating soon your very first family day!!!

  4. I hope I reach some clarity on this. It's like full speed ahead and then a complete stop. It's a little mind blowing. Thanks for you certainly helps to not feel so alone on this journey to our children. I hope good news comes to you very soon friend!

  5. I've been thinking a lot in the last few days about you guys hitting the one year mark (who me? checking a certain list frequently?!?) and what the last year has meant to you. I look forward to the post but, even more so, I look forward to another post one day soon - one about a certain "proposal."

  6. One year! Feels so surreal doesn't it?!

    I am intrigued also and can't wait to read your post.