Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Friend or Family Feature...

The Friday Friend or Family Feature is happily preempted today by another 'Friday Extremely Happy Shout Out'...

Leah found out some good news yesterday. Noah has a little sister in Ethiopia. Leah and I starting waiting at around the same time. What is she like? Well, you should read her blog. I will tell you this, she served in Iraq and when she got home she took in an entire Iraqi family. She gave them a new life. She took them into her home, and provided them everything they needed to begin again. Unreal.

She is also quite funny, and apparently has big boobs and a skinny back.

Sunday Leah leaves for Ethiopia. She will be volunteering. This first trip will also help her daughter come home on a I-3 Visa, which she will need because Leah is moving to South Korea.

Leah, congratulations! Please continue to blog about your inspiring life from your new exotic locales. You should also change your blog description. I recommend 'pretty extraordinary life'.

Next Friday...Guest Blogger Rebecca Haile.


  1. Thank you for sharing such happy news and for introducing me to such a wonderful family.

    Great way to start out my day!

  2. SOOO happy for Leah! She is extraordinary.


  3. Thanks for the sweet congrats!! We are a bit overwhelmed with love and the tree of life is ever so sweet...I long for your family day to be here soon.

  4. yay for Leah!!! I will have to start reading her blog!

    Also, I am pumped about R. Haile. I really appreciated her book. Thanks for doing this. I think you are cool.

  5. Hello! Thanks so much for commenting on Ezra...we're stoked to finally be bringing him home. Can't wait to follow your blog...especially after reading your Bio...not to mention I love and miss CA..I lived in San Diego and Santa Monica once upon a time!

  6. You are HIL air EUS...really. My husband and I were just reading through your "stages" and lauged out loud..alot.
    Thank you. I have you shall be the first I go to each day.
    Thanks is surely in order.