Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

I wrote an article.

It is about something I know about.

Wanna guess what it is ?



I don't know about much.

You are right.

Point taken.

It is about waiting.

You can read it HERE.

Oh, and for those of you who know me live in person, the reason that I didn't use my last name, (the one that I share with my husband), is that I wanted him to stop banging his head on the desk each time I said I was sending more info about our lives into the Interwebs.

Mindful Mama

From Deirdre, editorial director :

Mindful Mama is a content and social media site for (what else) mindful parenting. I'm trying very hard to make it an inclusive place for families that have come together in all sorts of ways. We'll have lots of content on there about pregnancy and birth, but we'll also have articles about the adoption wait, adoptive breastfeeding, blended families, and so forth. More importantly, we're striving to make each article relevant to parents through birth and parents through adoption (insofar as it makes sense—obviously the labor and delivery stories are what they are). But one thing that always annoys me about sites and magazines is that they have an adoption section, and then they feel like they've checked that box and now they can devote the rest of their content to "normal" families—as though adoptive parents don't deal with sleep issues, picky eaters, and sibling rivalry. So here's my little corner of the internet where I'll try to combat that.

Deirdre is cool. So are her babies.

Thank you Deirdre, for asking me to write for your beautiful site, and thank you to the insightful, inspiring moms (who have made it through to the other side) for contributing their thoughts.

And the award for the person who made the best use of her waiting time goes to...

Meghan, Blueberry's mom

Meghan and her friend Amber raised sixteen thousand (yes, sixteen thousand!) dollars for Doctor's Without Borders. She also convinced tons of adoptive families to sponsor children at AHOPE.

Time well spent.


  1. Your article is fantastic! And, I needed it today. I posted about stress with waiting on my blog this week and got hounded by someone to stop stressing and to be thankful. Barf. It's okay to be stressed and thankful at the same time. Anyway, loved your thougts. Time to get back to my "wait training." ;)


  2. Julie, this is such a fabulous article!!

  3. A great article! But now I feel like I'm wasting my waiting time on stuff like cleaning and saving money when I could be training for a triatholon and raising money for charity!

  4. Julie,

    Congratulations! A wonderful article. I am so happy that you are a contributor on Anti-Racist parent. Kudos!


  5. really more sex? why didn't anyone ever tell me that:)

  6. I'm at work and I can't open this and read it yet - and there is something about sex in it?

    Oh man - I shouldn't look at this stuff till I'm on the train - now I have to wonder about this all day


    and your husband is soooo wise

  7. perfect timing...this was the article I needed to read today. :-)

  8. Love, love, love, love, love the mindful mama article!

  9. Girl, it's soooo good. You should have your proud pants on. I cannot believe somebody told the Eastiopian to be thankful. I second the barf. This is another great addition to "great thoughts about the wait." I also loved Evelyn's from yesterday. I still have my rally cap on.


  10. Terrific article...really captures so much about the wait.

  11. Julie- I just read your article...I really found it entertaining, gut wrenching and inspiring! Today we planted the Loquat tree in honor of Earth Day (and you:) coming to my blog soon :) Harmony

  12. Julie, I just read your article and it made me all teary. You did such a good job!

  13. i said it on the forum but i'll say it here too...the article is fantastic. congratualtions!

  14. Yay!!!!

    Julie, I loved the article - and you should have your proud pants on! I got teary eyed too.

    Can't wait to read more. You go girl!

  15. I loved your article!!! Great job.

    I can't wait to celebrate with you one day soon...


  16. Julie your article is great!! Wish we'd had something this insightful and inspiring to read while we were waiting!!

  17. Julie, I can't say it any better then what Nancy said to me in an email regarding your article:

    "I think the reason Julie is going through this absurdly looooong wait is that the universe has a calling for her. I mean look at all the lives she has touched in the process and the soul bearing she has had ."

    I agree. If there is a reason that you have this awful wait, this would be it. Good job.

  18. Thanks you guys. Let's hope this signifies the end of the endless blathering about the wait.

  19. <----is humbled and totally not deserving of any award...but thank you Julie, for your generous spirit, your thoughtful words, your attentive gifts of conversation, time, baby items when visiting SM, and a lifetime of friendship I look forward to sharing.

  20. What a great job you did with that! I loved the ending. Nice.

  21. Loved, loved, loved your article. To me, you are the queen of waiting moms - so thoughtful, so smart, so connected with people and resources. OK, I'm going to search for that Youtube video you posted!!!

  22. I read every post of yours, yet I hardly comment. Why is that? It's apparently too difficult for me to actually click on the entry from google reader and THEN click the 'Post A Comment' link.

    I love the article you wrote. I remember thinking as much as I wanted to see our baby's face - what I really wanted was for the wait from referral to successful court date be short. Obviously, that didn't happen for us - but, it's amazing what you can get through. Even though before it happens, you think you would "just die if THAT happened to ME".

    P.S. I love all of your posts, but your "Would you place a child with this person?" are particularly entertaining!

  23. so I loved the post, as did everyone. But the picture, here and over on the other one... simply made me crave Hot Tamales... oi the red candy addiction

  24. Julie, I finally just read your article and I thought it was wonderful! Congratulations! Great to see you guys yesterday! Sentayehu sends kisses to you and Stephen, even though he doesn't want them because they are too wet and messy! : ) - Julie O.