Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Plumpy' Nut...

Did you guys see the 60 minutes segment on Plumpy'Nut ? This stuff is amazing, "Cures malnutrition in three weeks."

A fellow adoptive mom, and her triathlete friend, are working on a homegrown fundraiser. You can read about it here.

If Amber receives enough donations, she will receive an extra 10 grand to give to Doctor's Without Borders/Plumpy'Nut. That's a lot of Plumpy'Nut!

Here is the 60 minutes Link.

Good luck you guys!

(That photo of the beautiful little Faran is by Julie Pudlowski.)


  1. AH! I love you, Julie!!! Thank you for helping to spread the word! We're hoping to save a whole lotta lives and lighten a whole lotta moms and dads hearts.

  2. Sweet, thats really cool! Its amazing the things they make! I love it when people use their talents to help others. I'll have to check this out!

  3. Wow, she is going to do the Ironman right here in Madison, WI. I might have to link her. What an awesome cause, thanks for pointing her out!