Friday, July 25, 2008

Like Actually.

I never understood why women found Colin Firth attractive.

To me, sexy, plus British, plus actor, equals THIS GUY.

I started to get it when I saw this movie...

Okay, he is a little bit charming.

You know what is even more charming about Colin Firth?

Apparently he cares about Ethiopia...

Here is an article, and Here is another one.

He even auctioned himself off to the highest bidder, for Oxfam.

I underestimated you Mr. Firth, well done.

(There is still no way in hell I am going to see that 'Mama Mia' movie.)


  1. I love Colin Firth but I suspect it is more to do with the fact that he played Mr. Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice" and a Mr. Darcy like character in "Bridget Jone's Diary".

    Now, Clive Owen is a hot stick!!! He oozes sexuality in a way Colin Firth doesn't.

    Kudos to Colin Firth for his humanitarian efforts.

  2. I see your Colin Firth and Clive Owen, and raise a .....hmm. Nope. I've got nothing to beat them in the sexiness factor. Perhaps a Ralph Fiennes or a Daniel Craig? Who am I kidding? I'm still sticking to my Christian Bale fetish, even with the recent over-talked news!

    It has a lot to do with the accent, doesn't it?

    It was great to read about Colin Firth's humanitarian side. Thanks for sharing the links.

  3. 1. that's so cool about CF. didn't know all that.
    2. "this guy" came into the yarn shop I work at w/ his family. they were precious and so nice and he's way better looking in person. for real.
    3. in reply to your most recent post..."they're out there"...are you in the window of referral time? oooh. i hope so. maybe you'll hear in a couple weeks when courts close (did you say yes to a referral during court closure?) exciting!!! we're only at 2 mos.

  4. Ha! I'm with you on the NOT going to Mama Mia! Even if Clive Owen is in it.

  5. Hey, I'm curious about Mamma Mia. Never seen the "real" thing. Isn't is supposed to an awesome classic or something???

    Not that I have a chance to go to a movie anyway... :)

  6. I'm totally with you - Colin Firth not sexy, now changing mind a bit. Clive Owen sexy. Jury is still out on Mamma Mia. I don't believe musicals should be on the big screen.