Thursday, April 30, 2009

For Rana and Yvan...

Like me, her heart is heavy...

Like ours, their love is strong...

Like us, they walk on...

And make a wish for the future.

We all fight the good fight...

Until we get to the Other side...

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  1. Great post- I love it that they visited and you finally got to meet in person. If you are ever in Canada and want to visit PEI you have a place to stay!


  2. Julie, great post! By the way, love the Chili Peppers!! We have them on our song list too. I'm sending good thoughts for a referral call for you and your friends who came to visit.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. The Cross Over is coming.
    I have a feeling in my gut. Hang on, beautiful Ladies.

    I'm lighting some more candles this weekend for Heavy Hearts.


  4. Oh, Julie I loved your post. I really think your almost at that tipping point. And, your life is going to be filled with so much joy and all this waiting and heaviness will be lifted and quietly forgotten.

  5. Goodie, a new blog to read. Thanks! Y'all have got to be the most warm and hospital people on earth and I love your idea of inviting a blogger you don't "know" to your home. I feel a call coming for you soon. Very, very soon.

  6. Julie and Steven! We had so much fun with you guys....we will definitely visit again soon!

    Who knew you could meet such amazing people thru the Interwebs!!!


    Rana and Yvan

  7. These pictures are fantastic. You guys are so very lucky to have met.

    Let us all get our goods news this month.

  8. Great post! That is so fun that you all got together to meet.

  9. They are so cute!! Glad you guys got together. That is so nice, and looks like fun.

  10. Rana and Yvan,

    How great to meet you. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip and didn't lose all your money gambling :)


  11. Haven't we all met the greatest people EVER through our adoption blogs? How is it that I am more in tune with some of my blog friends than the people I see day to day... Walking this road of anguish and waiting will do that, won't it?

  12. I have no idea who Cathy is (previous commenter) but I know whereof she speaks.

    Is the guest cottage open?