Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving Tree?

Last year we made a Thanksgiving tree and filled it with leaves. We wrote what we were thankful for on each leaf, "Bunnies, coffee, each other..." some expressions were more profound than others.

This year we would have made one, but we already had homemade artwork on the wall.

Months ago Melese asked to get the paints out. He painted the Earth, and then enlisted these two for a bigger project:
When I asked Melese if he wanted to make a tree this year, he said that he was worried that we'd have to take down the Universe he created with his dad and sister, so we've decided to make Thankful Stars and put them in our sky instead. Anyone got a good star template?

I've decided to dust off the old blog a bit. I don't want blogging to interfere with my napping though. At my age you need quite a few naps. If you've been hankering to write something but don't feel like dusting off your tired blog, send it to me and I'll publish it.

Happy Almost Thanksgiving. What will you write on your Thankful Stars?