Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Reason for a Blog- Part II

One of the first words Meazi ever said to us in English was 'School'. I have written about this before, Meazi couldn't wait to start school. We had planned to wait several months before putting her into any sort of school, but she was so persistent that we went ahead and enrolled her in our local elementary school.

Meazi loves school.

In the Kembata Tembaro Zone of Ethiopia, most kids never get a chance to go to school.

They are too busy working.

Here is a picture of a school in the Kembata Tembaro Zone of Ethiopia...

The Reason for a Blog- Part II, a school.

Tesfa has agreed to build a school in Meazi and Melese's hometown. I just have to raise the money.

Details coming soon. And I promise a more detailed post about the library too. Thanks to Kelly, Jenny, Stacey, Stephanie, Jennifer, Jeanne, Leah, Cynthia, Christine, Rebecca, Themia, Shiri, Susan, Jessica, Kate, Susan, Cindy, Amy and Karen, for already donating to the library.

Exciting huh?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Reason For A Blog.

I have been writing this blog for three years. First it was me blathering about loss and longing. Recently it has become me blathering about loss and having. I am 'having' a lot these days. So. Much.

My chairs are full.

I have two special someones tugging on my apron strings. I have become something that I didn't ever imagine myself being.

I have become a happy person.

There have been several guest bloggers on this blog. One of them wrote this:

Here is something I think about which falls a bit outside the usual discussion: whether adoptive families will in time become engaged advocates for Ethiopia. It isn’t sexy, the long term business of pushing for a democratic government or good US foreign policy in the Horn or advocating for infrastructure or the development of good farming practices. It isn’t nearly as clear-cut or gratifying as responding to a heart-breaking famine or loving a beautiful child. But Ethiopia desperately needs such advocates. I don’t mean to say that adoptive families have a special obligation – I know that decisions about what causes to support and how are personal ones informed by many factors. But if such families do help raise awareness about Ethiopia, or if they do become involved with these issues, then that, I think, would be a significant and very welcome consequence of adoption.

I think about this a lot. I have absolutely no idea how to help bring democracy to Ethiopia. I recently read an article about Obama putting pressure on Zenawi to clean up his human rights policies in Ethiopia. Zenawi basically told Obama to suck it. I'm paraphrasing here, but the gist of the article was that Zenawi is perfectly comfortable getting anything he may ever need from China, and really doesn't need the good U.S. of A to help him with anything. If Obama has no influence, how on earth would someone like me attempt to change anything? Someone whose concerns lie more in the mundane challenges like, "How do I get M&m to ingest one green vegetable this month?" Not bloody likely that I'll be able to do anything to help Ethiopia become more democratic.

Nine months ago I wrote an e-mail to another guest blogger, Jane Kurtz. I asked her if Ethiopia Reads would ever consider building a library in M&m's hometown. Fast Forward.

She said yes.

She said yes!

Ethiopia Reads will build a library in my son and daughter's hometown. I just need to raise the money.

If every person who hit this blog yesterday sent 50 bucks, it would be done. Just like that. Now I know that a lot of those hits were people Googling things like, "What kind of family picture should I absolutely NOT include in my homestudy?" and "What do you do if you accidentally feed your child spoiled sweet potatoes?" and that about sixteen of those hits were most likely my mom looking at these pics over and over, but nonetheless, it is worth giving it a go don't you agree? I know that folks are tapped out, and this is a terrible time economically. I know that everyone has their own cause too. That's why I don't imagine we will raise all of the money here on the eyes of my eyes site, but maybe we will raise some of it.

Last summer Meazi turned to me and said, "Mom, can you believe in Ethiopia I never even had one book?"

If you would like to make a donation to the Ethiopia Reads Library in Mudula, Ethiopia


Scroll down to 'one time donation', pick an amount, and in the 'in honor of' field type- 'Mudula'.

And so we begin. The Reason for a Blog, Part I- A Library.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sparkly eyed, five-year old girl.

 Did you think this post was going to be about Meazi?

My friend Lori Rooney just received a referral for her daughter, a beautiful five-year old girl. Abe is getting a big sister.

I was thinking about what I could send Lori in a celebratory care package. The first two items I came up with were a princessa dress-up dress (something that I never would have purchased for Meazi and has now almost disintegrated from use), and ear plugs for those first few tantrum filled weeks.

I realize now that what Lori needs most is a little bit of help. Lori is raffling off one of Autumn's beautiful creations in order to raise money to complete her adoption.

Don't know Lori? Here is one of my favorite posts from her blog.

Love that Lori Rooney. She is a poet. She is a friend to everyone. She is very tall. I can't wait to see her experience all of the joy that comes with adopting a child who can tell you all about her life before you. Lori is a really good listener. Her girl has found a soft place to land.

Just thought of a third item to send her, a bottle of this. Her girl looks like she has a BIG personality, not unlike another five-year old I know.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Best Toms Ever

I went to the Tom's warehouse sale this weekend. It was a bust for me, but Meazi's feet are going to look great when she is 7 or 8. I am calling the above pair, " The Meazi Toms." She saw them and said, "Is that me?"

Melese keeps trying to order a pair for himself on his new computer. Yes, he inherited the Mac he destroyed. He just told me he was writing to Thomas, as in Thomas the Train.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Just Julie

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a woman that I like very much. She told me that if my blog was any indication of how our attachment was going, things were just hunky dory. She used a better term than hunky dory, but I can't remember what it was.

I think we can all agree that attchment is an ongoing, lifelong, difficult process.

My Habesha Tortuga is quite attached to me. He strokes my arm when I hold him. He hugs and kisses me. He still prefers to sleep with his toes gripping my ribs to make sure that I am right there. When I say, "How much does mommy love you?" he squeals back, "Soooooooooo Much!!!"

Meazi is a tougher nut to crack. I know she likes me. Some days are beautiful. Some days are difficult.


Meazi told me she made the above picture at school. She described it as a picture of her thinking about, and missing me, during a long day at school.


She put in an envelope addressed to "Julie".

I know that I am her mommy.

Sometimes to her...

I am just Julie.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little Wing

Tuesday is Show & Tell day. I mentioned what Meazi brought two weeks ago. Last week she brought a lovely photo book. The book was made by my friend Deb. It documents the time from our M&m 'baby' shower, to our arrival at LAX, and even the first few minutes of Meazi and Melese seeing their new home for the first time. It was an incredibly thoughtful gift.

Last night Meazi said, "Oh I can't wait to go to school tomorrow and do that thing that adults do with those tables and those pens!" She meant voting. Her class is doing a mock voting. I said, "That's great Meazi, and what will you bring to share for Show & Tell?"

She is bringing this picture of Jimi Hendrix.

Did I mention that I love her?

I asked her what she would tell the class and she said, "That he was a great musician who played the guitar, and that he had a really nice deep voice."

I was tempted to send my I-phone with her so she could play Little Wing for everyone. Can you think of a better song to mellow out those little Kinder Kidlets and get them ready for a big day of learning about voting and the letter 'P'? (Remember when I could put songs on the blog? I really liked that). You'll have to just go find Little Wing on your own and get yourself ready for a mellow day of voting.

Monday, November 1, 2010


So, anyone attempting the NaBloPoMo? Yeah, me neither. Considering I spend the forty minutes a day I have to myself eating corn chips and reading Facebook, I don't think I can succeed at a post a day for a whole month.

I love November. It is such a great month. The air is crisp. The sun is strong. Did you know that November is National Adoption month?

"This year's National Adoption Month initiative targets adoption professionals by focusing on ways to recruit and retain parents for the 115,000 children and youth in foster care waiting for adoptive families."

Adoptive Families Magazine has a printable calendar that suggests ways to celebrate adoption.

And speaking of magazines, I am so excited about this magazine that launches today. I think it is a fantastic idea, and I am thrilled to be a part of it. I should have an article up here if I manage to use the aforementioned nap time minutes more efficiently.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween. Here are the bee and the tortuga...