Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sparkly eyed, five-year old girl.

 Did you think this post was going to be about Meazi?

My friend Lori Rooney just received a referral for her daughter, a beautiful five-year old girl. Abe is getting a big sister.

I was thinking about what I could send Lori in a celebratory care package. The first two items I came up with were a princessa dress-up dress (something that I never would have purchased for Meazi and has now almost disintegrated from use), and ear plugs for those first few tantrum filled weeks.

I realize now that what Lori needs most is a little bit of help. Lori is raffling off one of Autumn's beautiful creations in order to raise money to complete her adoption.

Don't know Lori? Here is one of my favorite posts from her blog.

Love that Lori Rooney. She is a poet. She is a friend to everyone. She is very tall. I can't wait to see her experience all of the joy that comes with adopting a child who can tell you all about her life before you. Lori is a really good listener. Her girl has found a soft place to land.

Just thought of a third item to send her, a bottle of this. Her girl looks like she has a BIG personality, not unlike another five-year old I know.


  1. Wonderful post Julie. Wishing Lori much happiness.

  2. I remember on my visit to see you, when we met up with Lori and Abe and just thinking, "wow what a great mom"

    She was so in tuned with Abe.

    I hate when people say "what a lucky child" because we all know luck is something our children have not had much of, but my gosh, for this little girl to be joining this beautiful family, well, that's bigger than luck.

    You're a great friend Julie.


  3. Love this!

    And I had no idea she was tall. A bit freaked out now! That wasn't what I imagined!