A Book in Their Hands

This event was last Spring! Thanks for coming.

I think I mentioned that I was planning an event in Los Angeles to raise money for the school and library. I am excited to share the details with you now (and my apologies to my Facebook friends who have already heard all about it).


A Book in Their Hands …A Benefit for Ethiopia Reads & Tesfa.

Imagine never holding a book. Imagine never having the opportunity to go to school.

Join us on April 17th as we come together to make sure books and education are a reality for one community in the Kambata Tembaro region of Ethiopia.

Food, drinks, music, live performances, and silent auction.

WHEN:   April 17th, 2011, 6:30 pm

WHERE: The Electric Lodge

                 1416 Electric Ave, Venice, Ca. 90291

                 PH: 310-306-1854

Tickets: $50, Adults only. Purchase Tickets HERE. (You can purchase tickets as donations too, if you can't make it in person. But really, you should come! Jane Kurtz will be there, The 17th is her birthday! It's the day after mine! What are the chances? I love this woman!)

More Info: Contact Julie at eyesofmyeyes@yahoo.com


For event updates, including artist lineup, go to the Facebook Event page HERE.

The Electric Lodge is a great spot right in the heart of Venice. Melese really likes those "yittle guy," "shiny man,"angels all over the place. 

Did you see the poster? Wow. It is designed by Yadesa Bojia (who needs his own post). He is an incredible artist who has generously offered to donate a painting for the silent auction. INCREDIBLE! He may also speak. I just adore his design for the evening. I am hoping to make some T-shirts and posters, and sell them at the event and here on the blog.

So C'mon! Spring! Venice Beach! Ethiopia Reads! Art! Music! Tesfa! Food! Booze! ME! The theatre only holds 120 some people, so get your tickets soon! (You know there will most likely be an embarrassing ugly cry or two from me, surely you don't want to miss that?)