Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Garden Tour- Bees!

In lieu of a garden view this morning, I thought I'd tell you about our visit to the bees. As I mentioned last week, we found a family to 'host' the Easter Bees. They have been at their new home for a week. We went to see how they were doing...

Some were friendlier than others...

They have been busy...

And reason 8,341 why my husband will be an excellent father...

Steven found a drone bee for us to meet. Drones do not have stingers.

Speaking of drones, I apparently purchased the most drone looking sunglasses I could find at Target after inadvertently sitting on my old pair that morning...

Sweet, sweet honey. No really, this is the best honey that I have ever tasted. There is just a hint of citrus. It is crystal clear.

Imagine Steven's surprise when his bee group made him the subject of a 'Tweet' on Twitter...

"Steve captured a swarm last Sunday. He is a urban beekeeper. Let's change the world." (They take their bees pretty seriously in that group).

All I know is that the honey is sweet and so is he. (Aww! How sappy!)

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  1. Love it! ...Judah and I are very excited about our little loquat...We'll have to get together soon. We'd love that.

  2. A drone bee?? Who knew, apparently Steven...he's awesome. And your glasses are super cool! And the song at the end, come on, your posts are just so honey (sorry, couldn't resist:)

  3. I didn't know there were bees without cool!! So are the sunglasses!

  4. awww... sappy no way you guys are adorable!!! You just gave me a way to keep my kiddos occupied. Off to find some bee crafts I go... Happy Sunday!!!

  5. Super awesomeness. I can taste the sweetness from here. Really!


  6. Wow, it's cool to see this happening.

  7. Wow! Love the photos. Love the glasses.

  8. I love these photographs!

  9. Totally awesome!!! ILS (I love Steve)


  10. You are very chic in those glasses, girl. Yikes on that unfriendly bee! Steven has nerves of steel. He's a sweet man of steel!


  11. Great post! Thanks for the bee tour! I went to Target yesterday, looking for sunglasses, because unfortunately I lost mine. I did not see such drone-like beauties during my search...sigh.

  12. Cute and funny glasses! I love that picture of the little girl looking at the bee. Her expression says it all. What a great shot.

  13. Love the new shades!
    You. are. so. LA. Yet strangely Southern like with the bee lovin. (And I only get that because of the books I read. As though no place else on earth has bees. Or women with awesome sunglasses.)


  14. I am learning so much about bees from you! I didn't know that drone bees didn't have stingers. Very cool!

  15. I think it is so cool that Steven has beekeeping as a hobby - I hope that is an appropriate word. I think it is so cool that he gets to share his hobby with so many people, including us, but can't wait for reason # 8,341 and reasons 1 to 8,340 to be shared with the most important little ones.