Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Anyone know what we are up to? No cheating Facebookers!


  1. hmm? well i am not a facebooker so no worries there :)

    i do ot know the answer. something with a container and a top, but thats all i got so far....


  2. I know, I know!!!!!! You are putting butterfly larvae into their little containers!

    I do that as a class project with my Kindergarten/Grade One Class every year. It is such a hit with the kids, and we cover the outcome of learning the life cycle of an animal/insect, as well as metamorphosis. I usually order about 40 larvae and we hatch them in a fish tank with a modified cover. When we release them, they are so tame they will sit on our hands. We actually sat in a circle this year and passed one of them, finger to finger 3 times around the circle (18 kids) before it flew away!

    Have fun and post photos of it! I'm sure Meazi and Melese will be amazed at the process!

    waiting and waiting for my referral...

    You are such a cool mom!

  3. If you get a chance, someday, will you tell me how you've gone about doing this so that I can do it next year when my girls have attention spans (I hope). In the time I took to write that, it occurred to me that I'm sure I can find what I need on the amazing google machine. Looks pretty cool.
    Sorry about the bees.