Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Fun with Friday Friend and Family Features

We had a lot of guests this summer. I mentioned our best friends came to see us. We had a great time with them. The kids enjoyed their first fireworks...

They watched for about sixty seconds and then got bored.

There was beach going, zoo going...

And horseback riding...

Melese introduced everyone to the object of his obsession...

Our vacuum cleaner. Bob the vacuum needs his own post.

After M and H and N left, Petra and her kids came. Do you remember Petra? Her kids had grown quite a bit.

Domingo then...

Domingo now...

Meazi and Melese folllowed Domingo and Chiara everywhere they went. They were enamored with them.

Petra has not changed. She is as sweet, and kind, and funny as she was before. Her kids were so nice to M&m. They spent time doing things like playing Candyland, and letting Meazi lock them up in pretend jail (for not paying a speeding ticket) when what they really wanted to do was go hang out on the Venice Boardwalk.

After both sets of friends had gone, I would find Melese walking around the house holding their pictures. First it was Neve's photo, and then a photo (from eight years ago) of Petra with her kids.

Visitors. The kids did great. I think they are finally comfortable enough to know that no one is going to be taking them home with them.

That is a beautiful thing.


  1. You have such lovely friends because you are such a lovely friend and so are your babes!!!!

  2. Oh, wow, they know that no one is taking them home, that's an eye opener. For me, at least. Love all the pics. Your children have the most soulful eyes.

  3. these were some really great pictures & good memories for you all to have together !