Monday, August 23, 2010

Strangeness at the Souplantation

Can't we just eat too much at the all-you-can-eat salad bar in peace?

Woman #1 approaches our table:

"Oh, what a beautiful family. You are from South Africa?"

(Is there a period of South African history that I missed?)

Older Man #1 approaches our table:

"What a beautiful family. I just look at his big brown eyes and do you know who I am immediately reminded of?"

(I shake my head bracing myself for the worst).

"Buckwheat! He looks just like cute little Buckwheat!"


  1. and so it continues... I'm so sorry. We need to gather up for a role playing week - where we can all anticipate the gross things people will say and respond with our best retorts.

  2. I attribute it to being at the Souplantation. Any place that names itself one word that really should have been two is asking for trouble. It's like being built on an Indian graveyard. Buckwheat, seriously?

    I was twisting Eli's locs last night and Michael said that he reminded him of Buckwheat's sister, Farina. I said I found it hard to believe, number 1, that they called Buckwheat's sister another type of wheat, and, number 2, that he happened to recall that her name was Farina.

    Anyway, roundabout way of me getting to the point that I love M's twists! How long do they stay in?

  3. i am laughing too much to have a response.

  4. Oh dear. Salad eating should definitely be more peaceful than that. And your kids are precious...where did they come from? Where did you come from? Where the hell did everybody come from? *wink*


  5. Seriously?? Oh, wow. Thank you for sharing such rich ignorance with us.

  6. Buckwheat?? Are you 'effing kidding me? Is that the only black child he's ever seen?

  7. Oh, the comments. It amazes me how incredibly bold some people are!

    I love the twists, too!

  8. laughing! sorry :).
    but, did you know that sammy looks EXACTLY like me? like, my parents must get us confused, we look SO MUCH ALIKE.
    no, no we don't, lady. but thanks for attempting to be nice. er, something.

  9. Ignorance at it's best... or shall I say worst! I would have socked him right in tha' kissa for that one!

  10. umm. NO HE DOES NOT! And What the flying fruit loops was the crazy convention at that place that day?

  11. omg,omg, I nearly spit coffee on the keyboard. BUCKWHEAT????

  12. Holy smokes!! How inappropriate and ridiculous, really. Shaking my head in disbelief!

  13. Ahhhh... so much crazy, so little time.

  14. i had to laugh, i mean outloud. first of all i am guessing she assumed you ALL were from africa???



  15. Buckwheat??! W.T.F.

    The funny thing is he thought and then. he. said. it.

    To. you.

    Out. loud.

  16. hilarious. people are sometimes astounding.

    i just love the though that, in South Africa, white people have black children. or something.

  17. Yikes. That is something else. It seems these folks were actually trying to say something thoughtful/nice/supportive and in both cases failed fabulously.

  18. Ah, yes. Our new reality. Somebody please start a blog or chat room or something where we can brainstorm and share some really fantastic replies. I am usually left with my mouth hanging open and then give a very polite and educational response, hellbent on reflecting international adoption in a positive light. But seriously?!?! Sometimes it is just really unbelieveable.

  19. ha... that's awesome, in a strange way... oh, people.

  20. Nothin' goes down smoother with a Chef Salad than a side order of Baffling, Insensitive, Unsolicited Commentary from Rude Arses.

    Jim Morrison was so right, people are strange when you're a stranger.

    Actually, to look at Melese I am reminded of Olly. They have similar eyes and cheeks. Beautiful, beautiful boys.



  21. All summer we got Willis from Different Strokes. As in the white campers would say to Q (the only child of color at camp) "What chew talkin' 'bout willis?!"

    It doesn't get better.

    I would have looked at him and said "Seriously?" Like he was crazy. It works. I've used it.

    Children of course it doesn't work with. And too what do they do when they are alone at school or camp or playdates.

    You have my sympathy.

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  23. Jen, the twists only lasted a few hours. Steven did them.

  24. I'm new to your blog, but I can't help but think that people sometimes want to be nice and acknowledge you but don't know what to say. Ignorance comes in many forms. Unless it is evil or hatefull, why get offended?

  25. Dear BlackLiterature-

    I know that many people find "Buckwheat" a derogatory term. In both cases with us, I knew that the people had the best intentions, and therefore just kind of smiled.If my son had been older, I think I may have mentioned that some people are offended by the word.Thanks for reading.

  26. oh. no! did you punch that man??

    south africa--huh??

    ps: love meazi's hairdo!

  27. Oh dear. Thanks for preparing me for the kind of ignorant comments we are likely in for :)

  28. YIKES!!!!!

    we just got an email inviting our kids to join a tennis clinic after school this year. The second to last sentence was, "and of course, whites only."

    I know what they meant, but COME ON! Can't we change our terminology so as not to piss people off?

  29. Really?...Really? I mean, can we seriously put together a book of these comments so we can all sit around and roll our eyes and think of smart ass remarks...oh and drink wine, and eat PEACE???