Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, August 10, 2009

I don't have any more journal entries. We got to have the kidlets with us at the guest house for a half a day on this Monday. I guess I stopped writing.

We spent time looking through the photo album, and Meazi played her voice recorder.

After lunch the kids went back to the care center and we went off on a tour.

We saw some of the projects that CHSFS contributes to...

Pediatric ICU.

Convention center.

Then we went to the museum to look at stuff in the dark (power was out).

I, of course, acted very respectfully and didn't make any crude jokes...

The World's two oldest women...

I started a campaign for coffee on the bus, and Ato Girma finally relented...

Dear Ethiopia, in case I haven't mentioned it before, thank you for the gift of coffee. It is the single most important part of my parenting plan. Dear coffee, there is no me without you.

Later that evening, all of the families went out for dinner.

Steven later told me that my shoulders did not move at all during the dance attempt. Luckily, there is no picture. That is Jeff. His shoulders moved.

I also, serendipitously, ended up sitting next to a woman many of my facebook friends told me I had to meet if I could. Fellow adoptive mama Julie...

They just happened to be having dinner at the next table.


  1. such familiar sights! I think we may have stayed in the same room as you! I remember when the dancers came out in those purple silky outfits, I immediately had a flashback to my purple pjs from when I was five:)

  2. I'm loving this flashback series you are doing, thanks for sharing it with us! Somehow it is even more powerful to read about it one year later, and to really understand how far you all have come in that time.

    And "Dear coffee" indeed! Good thing there's no one else in my office right now because I burst out laughing!

  3. We too often thank Ethiopia for coffee...there are many early mornings that I am begging for just a sip of coffee before the day starts! By the way, never say never...some of us have pictures of your dancing at dinner :)

    I'm a day behind you on my posts, but look for it tomorrow!

  4. "Dear Coffee...there is no me without you"...ROFLMAO.
    I should have this on a t-shirt!
    Drinking buckets of it in steamy south Alabama, while enjoying your blog,

  5. I can't wait to go....I hope it's soon ;)

  6. giggled at the coffee part - currently drinking some of my Ethiopian buna to wake up from dozing while putting Turo down from his nap.

  7. What a day. I love these posts!

  8. Ditto on the coffee comment. I would buy that t-shirt! :)

    Thank you for all your posts, Julie. As a lurker for several years and home with our 4 year old now, I have appreciated your honesty and your joy.

  9. go jeff. And oh my heavens, I snarfed my drink when I read "Coffee, ther eis no me without you."

    you so clever julie girl.