Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Reading

I have read exactly one book since the kidlets came home. It was a good one. This summer I have big plans. I am hoping that the barnacle will let go a little bit, and that I'll be able to read something other than his favorite book. Meazi will be in summer school for twenty mornings in July, so I am hoping to find the time to read again.

First up:

Sometimes a plea you send into the universe is answered. Every time Mama Dog posts something on her blog, I think, "I wish I could read more of her words." This woman makes an article about Sandra Bullock sound like poetry. She is amazing. I can't wait to devour her first novel. You can order it here.

Next (or maybe even simultaneously):

Theresa and Julia have put together a great blog for families like ours. I am not sure how much time I'll get to participate, but I am really loving the dialogue over there. Join us.

One of my favorite writers.


Written by the father of one of our Ethiopian buddies.

Then, if time permits, I'd really like to read this....

Jillian also adopted a child from Ethiopia through CHSFS, and like me she went to NYU to study acting. Unlike me, she dropped out and joined a harem. Wowza. She also has a blog. At first glance you might hate her ( beautiful, wildly successful, smart, married to a rock star) but she is actually lovely in person, and you can't help but root for her.

Think I can read all of that?

The other day Meazi had a dream that Todd Parr was her father. I wonder if it is possible for a kid to read too much? Melese still loves this, and squeals on page five when the pup rolls in the mud.

What are you reading this summer?


  1. Well, the one book you read since the arrival of kidlings was a doozy. I listened to it on CD, but I am going to read it in a few months. It has gone on my top five list of all time faves.

    Also reading "Outsiders Within," "The Help," "Musicophilia." Just got done with "Outliers" on CD and it was really fabulous. I want to read "Nurture Shock." Oh yes, and I will be ordering Mama Dog's book. Jeez, I could go on and on. Can't wait to see all the comments.

  2. I can't seem to get Cutting for Stone out of my system. Does vehemently recommending it to everyone count as reading something? I am now reading Beneath the Lion's Gaze, and like it, but am not in love. Then I will re-start The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, and then The Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Althought that one about the harem does look good too! And Mama Dog's book. Wow.

  3. How is it that all this goodness and generosity and warmth is wrapped up in one lady? I can't wait for your book.

  4. Just read Little Bee. You will LOVE this. great writing. great novel. kept me company on the flight to dubai.

    Working on my summer list. Something tells me I have my own little barnacles who will conspire to keep the books at bay... Will add some of those to my someday list. :) thanks!

  5. I’m about a 1/3 of the way through Utopia. It’s lovely. As is it's author. Cutting for Stone sits waiting on my shelves. But next up for me is Lawrence Hill's Someone Knows My Name.

  6. Mama Dog is amazing.

    Those books all look awesome. Glad you will get to plug your head into some crisp pages this summer.

    I have a list of books to read that if laid out in it's entirety would produce a pathway from here to Kuala Lumpur.

    However, still grunting through Zinn, it is sweet, inspiring, angering torture.

    Dog Earers Unite. And may book stores never become obsolete.


  7. Oh, I just finished that one book you read. Loved it. I just ordered a few on Amazon this very day: his other book (A Doctor's Story or whatever); Hospital by the River; and am gonna read Les Mis again (unabriged). I do my reading at 2 am. It tends to go well at the hour. :) Other than that, I always try and catch the latest New Yorker short story and toss the rest.

    So Julia, are you a writer? Curious . . .

  8. Solomon LOVES "To Be A Kid." LOVES IT.

    I'm planning on reading Hospital By the River and that other one written by that really cool lady who goes by the name Mama Dog.

  9. Hoping to read a lot this summer...lately it takes me ages to read a book!!

    Beneath the Lion's Gaze, The Last Lecture, Have a Little Faith, The Red Thread and the White Queen are all on the top of my list. Its a little ambitious with a toddler :)

  10. I have read exactly one book and bunch of parenting books. At least you have a list. I will borrow it.

  11. Karen's book and Cutting for Stone are both next on my list. Thanks for these recommendations. Oh, and I read Little Bee too. Like it a lot, didn't love it.

  12. I am in between books now, but just finished a "crime drama". I read at any short duration I could and even during lunch Sesame Street time. It was nice reading a book just for me that meant nothing but getting away for a little me time, which is hard with five kiddos ages six and under. What is next I really do not know, I have a bookcase filled with unread books pass to me, I will just let it jump out at me.

    Come on calm summer, with all five at home, and hubby back at work!

  13. Books? I'm lucky I can get through a blog post these days...

  14. Thanks for the book tips. I might have to borrow this post idea - maybe even tonight! Thanks also for reminding me to go over to Theresa and Julia's TAP blog! Great resource. Off to read :)