Monday, March 1, 2010


Yes, that is my son wearing his sister's tutu.

Recently, Ruth and Aster's mom posted about meeting Jane Kurtz. (I didn't know who to be more jealous of, Katy for meeting Jane Kurtz, or Jane for meeting Katy and the twins).

There is a new version of Jane's book Trouble. It is a bilingual version (English and Amharic), and all of the proceeds continue to go to Ethiopia Reads.

Also, did you know that Jane Kurtz has a blog?

It seems that for about 10k you can sponsor your own library in Ethiopia.

I'd like to put one here, in the area where my kids are from.

In other news, Ms. M continues her campaign for a trip to see Dr. LaBootie...

She said she'd like to go for her fifth birthday.

She's really laying it on thick...


  1. 1. Let's do the library!

    2. Now I am ready to send Ms. M to see Dr. LaBootie.

    3. The staged picture is too much! Too flipping much!!!

    4. Mr. M is fully pulling off the tutu.

  2. i will choose to embarrass myself now. i didn't know about the book trouble (though i will be buying it now, thank you!) or it's author jane kurtz. when i read jane kurtz, i was thinking jane curtin of snl in the 80's. i was thinking, "well that's cool." i figured it out now. :)

    dr. labootie for her 5th birthday for sure! how can you resist???

  3. Thanks for the info on the new version of Trouble! Love the pictures, too funny!

  4. Okay, that bottom picture made me laugh out loud!!! Man I love that girl!!!
    xoxo, H
    p.s. Little M looks great in a Tutu, especially purple!

  5. Ooops, a co-worker just asked me what was so funny!

    And I did not know about the new jane krutz book or the blog, thanks!

  6. My bff Jane talked about the shortage of books printed in Amharic in Ethiopia, and how all the kids in her libraries pour over the few that there are. If you go to see the booty doctor, I would love to meet you there.

  7. That would be an unforgettable trip, especially if you get to have cupcakes with Kristine.

  8. love the boys always rocked the tutu until they hit about 5...then not so much. (although Noah's only 3 so he may dig the purple fluff for longer:)

    Jane Kurtz rocks my world!! oh so very serendipitously just as Adam and I decided to adopt fro Ethiopia one of our home school book orders came in. It turns out that I had ordered Saba and The Story Tellers Beads without having any idea they were set in Ethiopia. (this = great amounts of happy sobs whilst reading)

    Any the library thing?! amazing! what a cool project.

    gotta love Ms M's persuasive looks...

  9. I didn't know about Jane Kurtz's blog either, it's great!

    Where do I sign the petition for the 5th birthday visit to Dr. LaBootie? I bet we could take over Ellis Island with East Coast Ethiopian Adoption families wanting to meet you guys!

  10. Love the tutu, and love the campaign to see Dr. LaBootie! Awesome.

  11. Yes, all the East coasters will have to go meet the famous family! When is her birthday?

    The last picture makes a much cuter Dr. LaBootie than the real thing :)

  12. Boys are just as cute in tutus. :) I also do not own that book...what is my prob? I think you should put a paypal ticker thingie on your blog for us to get your little Labootie to the big Labootie. :) And hell yes to the library...are you starting a team to put it together/fund it? If so, I am IN.

  13. I know this is going to sound crazy, since I don't know you, but I've been following your blog and live in Dr. La Bootie's hometown. I have a couple friends who adopted or are in the process of adopting children from Ethiopia and love your blog.

    I don't know when Ms. M's birthday is, but I travel for work a lot in the summer and have a floor-through large one bedroom in Brooklyn and, well, you can see where this is going. If a Dr. La Bootie visit comes to be and my apt is sitting empty... I think you have my email here, so feel free to write if you'd want to talk about this. (I can provide references; I know this sounds crazy, but I'm not, just sentimental).

  14. love these pictures....the first and last are my faves! September is beautiful in NY....I might invite myself to go just to see M's face!

  15. she has a blog? very cool-
    Kai Misikir loves to dress as a princess, its irresistable :)

  16. I recently moved to a new apartment in Brooklyn, that has an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. One evening recently, as I watched the sun set over the city, I caught a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty/dr.latbootie awash in the golden glow. I thought of your Maezi and her story....and your story...and how much I enjoy your blog.

    Best wishes (and thanks for your writing)from Brooklyn,

  17. I didn't know she had a blog - thanks for posting it. Jane spoke at my church and she is a lovely kind person.

  18. Is the new version of trouble written with the Amharic characters in it ? Or does it have a phonetic pronunciation of the Amharic words (with English characters) ?

    Thanks !