Thursday, November 12, 2009

NaBloPoMo-Has it Really Come to This ?

I apologize.

But it was funny.


  1. FUNNY and CUTE all in one!!!

  2. ah ha ha ha - he has the look on his face like "ha, I'll tell ya how my breakfast was!"

    LOVE. IT!

  3. He is showing you what he had for breakfast!

  4. that was such a fabulous way to start my day... oh my... pure awesomeness...

  5. See, now that should be on the blog regardless of NaBloPoMo.


  6. do not ever appologize for showing off your kidlets.
    And Sammy makes that same face before...

  7. lol!!! no apology needed...cute babies doing cute things!! ha!

  8. That IS funny! That's also the way my husband answers me when I ask him how his breakfast was.

  9. I had to call Ted in here to see this. And then we watched it 3 times.

  10. So I had to pull my 5 yr. old (boy of'course) over to watch this. I have seriously watched it 4 times just to laugh out loud...hee, hee. He will LOVE this one when he's 5!!!!!

  11. Now THAT'S appreciation for a fine meal!!

  12. Dear NBC:

    Please officially pull the plug on that Leno crap (I promise you that buying him out of his TWO year contract (why, why, why) will still be cheaper than trying to withstand the continued downward ratings and declining ad space spiral) and move your adult dramas to the appropriate time slot (10-11 - you ding dongs!) and THEN give this guy the 8-3:30.

    He is charming, bright-eyed, witty, strong-silent-type and can toot on cue!

    "Toot on cue!" I say.

    Here is the deal, NBC Executives, we are in the middle of a wee bit of a financial crisis (I know that you are busy jetting around and flying over the realities of our lives curious as to why we are all a tussle about health care - but really this is bad). In fact, this is becoming more and more what we were forewarned might be "a jobless recovery." As an American and taxpayer I guess I am supposed to say "thank you for screwing us financially and screwing up the Fall television line up." I mean really - I almost watched a CSI: Miami for the love of all things holy!

    So, here is an idea:

    Where you decided to save money and suck 5 prime time dramas (and all corresponding and interrelated industries and jobs) from the available market you can simply change your mind.

    Fire the chin (sorry, Leno).

    Hire the boy (what up, Melese).

    Even if you don't want to center an entire project focused on him - although, how could you not? - might I suggest writing or at least a little "project development."

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

    (Ever disgruntled viewer since you announced your bozo idea to bring Leno to prime time - humphf!)

    *I mean really?!?! - I am being comforted by CBS who suffers from CSI Tourette Syndrome and ABC who is OCD (reality/cop/doctor/reality/cop/doctor/comedy/comedy/reality/cop/doctor).

  13. Oh, oh, oh! And Meazi can do her own Dr. LaBootie the Hungry Statue show...

  14. What did you feed him for breakfast???

  15. We never really mature past potty humor. Feel no shame. At least I don't...poo face...

    Thanks for a good laugh.

  16. What are feeding that baby?! Beans on toast???

  17. Too funny. Michael has watched this one about 6 times in a row, and wants more!!