Thursday, November 5, 2009


I feel like the last three months have been a bit of a blur. I thought that since I decided (foolishly) to try and blog every day this month, I would go back to the time before our trip to Ethiopia.

In July we had that beautiful shower remember? So nice. So thoughtful. So much fun. My mom came out for it. When we had the opportunity to go with an earlier group to Ethiopia, we asked my mom to stay on and watch the pups. She did. My mom is amazing.

Our best friends also came out to help us celebrate and get ready...

Heather, my mom, and Neve helped me get the crib ready...

Mimi and Neve made sure the toddler bed was comfy...

And Teddy did everything he could to convince us that our lives were full enough without adding two children...

Mimi's mom helped us pack. This Heather could start a packing business. It was incredible. I have never seen anything like it. She folded, and maneuvered. She made extra room and went out and bought more donations for AHOPE. She also lent us all sorts of cool gadgets like travel blankets, and pillows...

Amy and LT came over and helped cheer Teddy up...

We were ready...

Of course, we use neither the crib nor the toddler bed, but that is another post.

I hope my friends and family know how grateful I am to them then, and now.

Next up...

Planes, Trains, and, Automobiles... well, maybe not trains.


  1. So true about he cribs and beds that we dream about, put up, take pictures of, post about....and then everyone ends up in the same bed and the "nursery" goes untouched. Haha. It will eventually get least maybe for storage. Cribs make great storage containers. I love that you are posting so much!


  2. You backtracked to about where I am right now :) I'm catching up to you, Julie! Slowly but surely. This is such an incredible time - I am amazed at how much our communities pitch in to welcome our children.

  3. I love that you are blogging every day! Such a nice support grou you have and I am laughing at the comment about the crib and toddler bed going unused. I am pretty sure that is going to happen in this house too. When we got our dogs a trainer told us never to let them sleep in our bed. Yeah, uh huh, ok. That lasted all of about three days!

  4. I hear ya Julie. Sam's crib is beautiful and amazing and I love his room, which we did by hand, using recycled furniture, found items, and my own sewing skills. The ONLY purchased item was his crib and I'm so proud of the room each time I see it. However, he only naps in there. He's in our room/bed at night. Sigh. I wish he loved his room as much as I do. that being said, I wouldn't trade my cuddly time w/ Sam for anything in the world.

  5. It is so nice to have you blogging again!! Amanda

  6. I am so glad you foolishly said you would blog every day!!! I AM LOVING IT!!!
    You are bringing joy to my WAIT! and ENDLESS PAPER WORK! GAG!

    LOVE the dog in the carrier! TO FUNNY!

  7. Super, super psyched for the backtrack!!! I feel like all of us in blogland missed A LOT! Can't wait for more posts!

  8. Love having you back! Way to go, hope you're feeling good about it too! xo