Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

I finally had a chance to go through some of the kids' old clothes. We are lucky enough to be the recipients of many fine hand-me-downs, especially for Melese. By the time he is through with them, they are ready for Goodwill. I saved some of Meazi’s nicer things for friends, especially her Ethiopian dresses.

There are a few of her things that I cannot let go of.

Those shoes and that dress she left the orphanage in.

That silly matching Mommy and me Lucky Brand sundress. I never thought that I'd be the kind of person that would buy matching dresses for my daughter and myself, sounds so, pagent-y or something. It was actually nice because the first time (out of the three times we both wore this dress) she did get a kick out of it, I felt that it helped with our attachment, at least for that day. Also, there was that benefit of "If you forget which white woman at this party is now your mommy, check their dresses."

That Keep on Truckin' dress. You understand why I can't give that away right? And was she ever really that small??

And her uniform jumper. Her classmate Adrian's little sister will be getting most of her uniforms, but I am keeping her size 6 jumper.

I am also keeping Melese's orphanage farewell clothes, and an adorable one-piece striped outfit he was wearing when we went through customs in Los Angeles.Unfortunately, due to an incident which I hope is not indicative of his feelings toward America, said onsie had to be removed and bagged in the airport. 

Our house is about 950 square feet. Melese, Meazi, and I share a closet. At this rate we are going to be out of room very soon. Do other people do this? Keep things like this? Or do I still live in Crazytown? Don't answer that. I already know.


  1. Yes. I have a small box of clothing that I did not want to part with. It has Mihiret's farewell dress as well. It is so teeny that Beatrice could not even wear it. The box always brings back lots of memories for momma.

  2. I save special outfits too. I figure they will want them and maybe their kids can wear them too. I also save special toys...and books...oops. A lot!

    Maybe a family member can store them for you or you can get that vacuum thingie that compresses the pile into a wafer thin thing to slide under the bed!

  3. Oh my gosh. First of all, I do keep special outfits. Also, recently as last month I bought the girl child and I matching dresses from Lands End. Totally humiliating. Ask me if I care.

    That keep on truckin' dress is essential. Yup. I am with you. In crazy town.

  4. I want to say we're doing this too, but I'd be lying. I think we gave the outfit Oakley was wearing when he arrived to our arms back to the care center for other children. I think. Either that, or the outfit got completely lost in the over/underwater wacky return flight home experience. Sadly, I cannot remember ever seeing that outfit after our day of union. But, it was pink, and I think that's why we might have returned it to the care center since we wouldn't be using it again.

  5. Saved several things so far....too many. Let's see--leaving orphanage outfit, outfit that the orphanage gave her at going away party (ethiopian outfit), arriving in US dress, first Christmas dress, and baptism dress (another Ethiopian dress that I bought while I was there).

    My excuse is that my mom saved several outfits of my sisters (she being the younger of the sibs), and her kids have worn them and get a kick out of it. So, yeah, um, I'm saving it for my grandkids.

    I have a wonderful friend who manages to get all these sentimental clothing items made into quilts, but I'm just not that organized. Besides, I'm afraid if you washed the orphanage outfit it would a) fall apart and b) not smell like Ethiopia any more.

  6. Yes. I have a box of things that I go through over and over again and reconsider. What to keep. I keep things that can/will be made into a quilt for him and one for ET family (hopefully). Especially ones with photos of him in. and of course the sentimental stuff.

  7. You remember the "Julie" overalls don't you? I am continuing the tradition started by my mother of keeping a few essentials.

    Orphanage farewell outfit, a shirt that La Cazadora gave me and he wore the crap out of (it is T.I.N.Y.) and his first pair of Chuck's. I'm kind of planning on one outfit every year. That's not too much over the course of 8-10 years.

  8. I've always been horrible about letting go of M's clothes. So I can't blame you one bit. That plaid catholic school jumper is priceless! I am particularly obsessed with M's jeans. So many of them were my favorites. I'll have to sew them up into something big, 'cause they are not going anywhere soon.

  9. The past few months I've been going through boxes of things that my mom clothes because with 8 of us they were rags by the time we were done with them! But some really sweet memories. Going through the boxes I kept thinking about what significance each item had, either to us kids or to her. It was sweet just to hold onto certain things and know that it meant something to her...enough for her to hold on to for all those years. I felt a happy connection to her, through those little random cherished memories that she had kept stowed away.

    so no, you're not crazy...well, we're all crazy but not for wanting to hold on to important memories. And if it feels like it has some significance to you or to them then it is important.

    just move to Wisconsin, then you'll have a basement and you can save EVERYTHING :)

  10. Oh my...
    matching dresses for just in case you "forget which white woman at this party is now your mommy, check their dresses."


    Only you...

  11. Yes yes and yes. My mom did the same thing and both my kids have worn outfits I or my brother had on as kids - and yep, those are some pretty old clothes ; ) ! So sweet.

  12. As much as I have a hard time getting rid of things, I have to admit that I am not sentimental about stuff like this and probably won't keep any of it except one dress I bought for Elfe in Ethiopia.

    But I am fascinated by your last paragraph, and can't figure out which of these two questions is the right one to be asking: "Why does Steven have his own closet?" or "Why doesn't Steven have any closet space at all?"


  13. Love this post. My parents throw very little out and it has been so great for us...they pull out all of my old toys for A to play with. His favorite is the Fisher Price tea set from the early 80s.

    The one thing I wish is that some of the things smelled the way they did when we brought them home. For his first year, I saved a box of all of my favorite things to make a my spare time of course ;)

  14. If she forgot which white woman was her mommy! HA! And I completely LOVE the two of you in those dresses.

    We have a small dresser drawer devoted to special clothes. It's full.

    J. kept the pair of underware he was wearing the night he met me. Possibly tmi.

  15. That sounds like sentimental perfection and sane-great-momma-town to me. <3

  16. You are NOT crazy .... just catching up on your blog. I never realized the "keep on truckin'" dress is one we gave her. Watching the video seems like so long ago and is so vintage Meazi. She is such an amazing kid! BTW, I am not too proud to take worn to death hand me downs.....:)