Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

I love you forever. You are my dad forever. I like you. I love you. Will you love me forever? - Meazi

I love this picture. To me it epitomizes why he is such a wonderful father. Minutes before he had asked Meazi to stay out of the zen garden directly behind her. She fell in, he helped her up, and gave her this look. He manages to make them feel safe, to make them laugh, but also to keep them in check.

They adore him.

He reminds me of someone...

Dear Dad, I love you forever. You are my dad forever. I like you. I love you. - Jules.

We are off for a mini road trip today, to see my sister Kate and her betrothed. The kids will see their first modern dance performance, and enjoy their dad's favorite road trip food.

Have a lovely Father's Day.

Oh, and don't forget to vote!

They really did drag this contest out didn't they? Enough already.


  1. Oh my god, how did I ever miss your sister's engagement story? No, I can't stand it. Beautiful!

    Love to Steven this weekend!

  2. priceless photos! happy road trip. I'm totally with your hsuband on this one, BTW--best. (well, plus a cooler of cold Diet Coke)

  3. Each time I read your posts the urgency I feel to bring our M and m to Chicago goes up a notch. Have a great trip, I hope you listen to Aimee Mann's "Cigarettes and Red Vines" song while you drive. =)

  4. I love, love, LOVE that top photo.

  5. Happy Fathers' Day to a man with more fans than he probably appreciates (in the "is aware of" sense AND the "is happy that he has" sense).

  6. Yeah- the top photo is a keeper. Your hubby is a keeper, too- I can just tell by that All Knowing Look he's giving.

    Yay for awesome dads!

  7. such a sweet post honoring your kid's daddy and to yours as well!

  8. How wonderful that your life is top and tailed with two awesome Dads. This is a really lovely post. As always!!

  9. The fact that he does Meazi's hair was enough to put me in awe of him. (I wanted a boy so I wouldn't have to deal with the hair issue!)

    He's a great dad. And you're a great mom too!

  10. So sweet! Love how your kids fearless flaunt the fro!! IMHO, So good to embrace their heritage! We are fans of dreads! Still working on my skills though. Such a neat family! Glad I found your blog!
    Have a blessed day! Your newest follower, Jen