Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Garden Tour

The Return of the Sunday Garden Tour.
Meazi is watering her grape tree and Melese's Lilac tree. Melese is trying to fix my Flip camera.

We have a blueberry!

And some lettuce...

Sweet peas...

Waiting on the strawberries...

Beer! Er, I mean hops...


Asparagus? I think?

A wee squash...

Wine! Er, I mean grapes!

A lone blackberry...

Coriander up the wazoo...



Would you like that baked, mashed, or minuscule? Our lone potato. Ted has got his eye on it.

Flip still out of order...

Cherry tree, flanked by two strawberry plants...

Disclaimer: Usually not a fan of monkey clothes for our kidlets, but make exceptions for pj gifts from Nana.

Thank you bees. Really makes up for the lack of French fries.


  1. See? This post makes me think you've gone all Earth Mother on us or something? Look at all that food you all are growing! And the honey too? Are you actually going to cook that food you're growing? And you worry about your mothering skills? The best my child gets is a ride in the car to the pho place or fish place. I'm not trying to cook. I still do it, but I avoid it when I can.

    You're amazing.

  2. Your garden and keepers are busy! Love that honey and sure wish I had some right now. :)

  3. OOoOOOhhhhh- you have honey bees?! Totally jealous about that. We took a bee-keeping class a few years ago and I worked myself into such a frenzy that I could not sleep (you know- the inner workings of the hive, the drones, the queen,the Royal Jelly, the amazing drama that goes on inside there?!) Anyway, long story short: we still don't have bees. We got sidetracked along the way (ahem, got our asses kicked by becoming parents.) It's still high up on my list. We need bees so badly it's painful to think that we don't have them yet. It's ridiculous really. I envy your honey!

  4. What the....??!! Look at all that honey! I'm amazed at the hard work of the bees. I am reading a book about bee-keeping right now. Completely fascinating and you know I am contemplating a little colony here. Love love love the garden tour. You know it is my favorite thing. The deer have begun their attack here, I must defend all the gardens before they wreck everything. Tell Steven I love it all, too.

  5. we had a garden fail this year already, trying to recover. loving your tour, it's lovely!

  6. Happy, happy to see the garden tour!!!

  7. You know this speaks to a special spot in me. Loveliness!