Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Ethiopia has Class

Attention Los Angeles families! Dankyra Cultural School will be starting a new session of classes in a couple of weeks. I have written about going to these classes HERE. It is a blast. We love it. Here is their Facebook page. This is their e-mail address- Come join us!

I was recently contacted by a lovely Ethiopian man named Benyame Feleke. He runs Ethiopians for Ethiopians. This group is another great organization for families like ours. He asked if I would ask our Los Angeles community to take a short survey in order to gauge interest in their program. Here is the link. It takes two seconds.

It looks fantastic to me, and if you are one of my favorite families already involved with Ethiopian for Ethiopians will you please leave a comment describing your experience.


  1. That sounds amazing. We have an Ethiopian Cultural Center in Chicago, I wonder if they have such events/classes? You guys are so lucky, what a great opportunity for the kids and parents! BTW, your sister's engagement story is too wonderful! Wow!

  2. E4E in MN is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We are just about to complete our first session of E4E in St. Paul. (We just moved here, or would have started sooner).

    The timing is not optimal (Friday night); it takes us 30 minutes to get there; we have to rush through dinner to make it by 6:30 ; we have a very sleepy kid on my hands when we get home. All of that said, we ALWAYS want to go, and always feel so happy when we get home.

    Muntashe thrives in his classroom, and loves being in the company of Ethiopian teachers and kids. The other night we could hear them playing Duck Duck Goose, in Amharic. He is using Amharic words all the time now, which is new.

    We also love our classes--culture, history, langugage, food...we had a lecture from an Ethiopian U of W journalism professor a few weeks ago--Excellent! Benyame runs a high quality program, and we feel so priviliged to have this opportunity to connect with the ET community in a meaningful way. We truly feel part of the community @ E4E.

  4. Hmmmmm... What if we just never leave? Do you think your friend would mind?