Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Can Meet the Artist, Get to Know Him Personally- Jim Hubbard

Jim Hubbard is an award winning photographer. And by award, I mean he is a photographer who has been nominated three times for a Pulitzer Prize.

In 1989, Jim Hubbard created Shooting Back, an organization dedicated to empowering children at risk by teaching them photography. The name was coined from a spontaneous comment by one of the young participants in the program: when asked why he was photographing his own world, the homeless child responded, “I’m shooting back.”

I met Jim a few years ago. I was hopeful that they would choose Ethiopia as a location for this project; Ethiopia definitely being a place full of small houses and big welcomes. I love the idea of children documenting their own lives. It is so interesting to see photos taken by small children, to see what their eyes see. I think Jim should still consider doing this project in Ethiopia, and taking me and my friends to pass out the cameras. Maybe we can swarm him at the event to convince him? Just kidding Jim. We promise to only swarm your photos.

 I am thrilled that Jim is donating a piece or two for our auction on the 17th. I don't know which ones they'll be, but they could be his I-phone photos from yesterday and I would still be thrilled. Give yourself a treat this Sunday and spend some time here. Be moved and inspired.

Thank you Jim.


  1. WOW! Awesome photos. Super awesome. LOVE(!)

  2. My word....with each posting I am more and more frustrated that I can't be there in person for the fundraiser. The body of work you have collected here is truly phenomenal! Yeh!