Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Can Meet the Artist, Get to Know Her Personally- Jennifer Rikkers

In January I received an e-mail from a woman in Wisconsin who wanted to contribute to the school and library. Jennifer Rikkers is a blogger, a photographer, and an artist. She has a lovely family which includes her Ethiopian daughter, Tesfanesh.  She is obviously very talented, and I particularly liked this series she did.

I thought it was incredibly sweet of her to offer to donate a painting. Imagine how I felt when she wrote to me to say that she wanted to create the piece around something that I had written. Imagine how I felt when this happened.

Jennifer told me that she'd like me to keep one of the paintings for myself as her gift to me. Insert. Ugly. Cry.

I am stalking my UPS man. She told me they were being delivered soon. Here they are again in case you missed the link...

I am keeping the first one. The second one will be auctioned on the 17th.

Thank you so very much Jennifer. I am moved beyond words. You are truly an incredible person.

More about Jennifer:

Jennifer Rikkers is a Wisconsin-based artist who specializes in mixed-media arts incorporating her original photography and love of painting.  She is a mother of four children, with a connection to Ethiopia as an adoptive mother of daughter who has now been home from Ethiopia since March 2010. 

Jennifer's paintings are soulful reflections of the people, objects, and situations that surround and inspire her in my everyday life.   Jennifer's art is an expression of her love and gratitude for each subject. Sometimes the attraction is purely aesthetic– the way the light hits a surface of a tree’s leaves, for instance. Other times, the subject has a message, thematic, or narrative significance that references her passion for a topic.

Using mixed media, Jennifer incorporates her digital photography into her paintings via a transfer process.  This use of both paint and photography results in a very personal, unique and soulful piece of artwork.  As an artist, Jennifer hopes to capture and communicate the moment or spirit of a subject by creating a sense of modern realism through dimension, depth and luminosity with the paint and glazes. 
Jennifer's intention as an artist is to evoke emotion and elements of contemplation while sharing a message.


  1. So so beautiful! What an amazing gift to create such an incredible piece of art from your lovely words. Breathtaking.

  2. Those pieces are so gorgeous. I am wanting to come down there even more with each of these posts.

  3. That is amazing! She captured your story completely.

  4. she's a rock star, what a gift she has.

  5. Wow! How thoughtful and beautiful!

  6. Thank you Julie for sharing this. I can tell you it was an honor to create these works. It isn't every day I feel so inspired and when I do I love seeing what will come of it on a canvas!

    Here's to an amazing event! Tesfa!

  7. I am speechless. Those are beautiful.