Saturday, March 12, 2011

Like Turo Mommy!

We had the pleasure of meeting Sara, her husband Jose, and their adorable son Turo, in January. I can't believe that it has taken me this long to write a post about it, and about Sara's incredible contribution to our library and school. Sara made these beautiful bracelets and sold them on Etsy.
I didn't post it here on the blog because I knew she would be inundated with requests, and she has a toddler boy at home. In my experience it is not easy to handle small, fragile objects around an active toddler boy. Speaking of that toddler boy, how cute is Turo?

And I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Sara for potty training Melese (almost). Turo used our potty when he was here. Melese was in the other room complaining to me that, "Turo has my potty!" and "Give it back! Mine!" Ever since then Melese wants to use the potty and whenever he is successful he yells, "Just like Turo Mommy!" So thank you Sara. Thank you so very much.
 Sara played dentist with the kids for hours. She has so much patience. I could tell that she is a fantastic teacher. My kids adored her. And, in what may be the world's worst hostess story, Sara and her family came to our house, Jose went out to pick up pizza for everyone, paid for dinner, AND bought ice cream that we never served. Nice. Dinner at Julie's is clearly BYOD. We owe you dinner in Michigan very soon. Oh and a sippy cup too. Melese has picked out a pink one with flowers for Turo. How will that go over?

Sara thank you for your handiwork. Meazi brought the bracelets to school for show and tell. She told her whole class about how she was trying to put a school and library in her hometown, and how lots of her friends were trying to help.

There seems to be one 'Melese' still available.

Thanks Sara. I think you are a lovely person (and not just because you potty trained my two-year old).


  1. You guys look like you could all be a big happy family. The Sara-Turo-Jose family rocks, love them. Very special.

  2. I can't believe I got a post over here. You are too sweet. We had such a fun time. I'm glad that Turo was able to help with the potty training. And you all are welcome to Michigan anytime (no ice cream necessary).

  3. My sister's Melese is her prized possession. She hasn't taken it off since she got it for her birthday. Another sister has the Meazi, and Ruth and Aster have them waiting for them when they get big enough not to wreck them. Sara seems very lovely and very talented. I wish someone would come potty-train my almost 3 year olds who have zero interest.