Sunday, April 11, 2010

Photo Every Hour (ish)

I thought it would be fun to do this again with the new additions to the family. Remember last year's post? Did I mention that I had forgotten to take my medicine that day? That explains some of the lethargy and laziness. As most of you know, I don't have a thyroid, and although mine is a slow acting med, my body definitely feels it when I forget to take it. (And you thought I was just depressed because I didn't know who my kids were yet. Silly you.)

Friday, April 10th, 2010.

Steven leaves for work at 5:30.

6:00 am ish...

The rest of us are up. The beasts want their feasts...

Meazi helps feed Melese...

I check out the laundry...

Meazi manages to find a few remaining clean items...

7:00 am ish...

8:00 am ish...

We have a second breakfast. Mommy is hungry. We are out of eggs. Meazi usually has cheesy eggs every weekday morning. We go through more than two dozen eggs a week. Today, no eggs= frozen waffles...

9:00 am ish...

Since it is a Friday, Meazi does not have school. Her Pre-K is Mon-Thurs, 8:00 am- 10:20 am. I put Melese in the Ergo. I attempt to get him down for his "dishwasher" nap, (the nap lasts as long as it takes to load or empty the dishwasher).

Melese in the Ergo...
Meazi colors in her Highlights Magazine while Sitota and Sam hang out with the World's Most Patient Dog...

Nap fail. Melese can't bear to sleep if Meazi is around. He worships her.

10:00 am ish...

Meazi may not have school today, but the grand unveiling of the new Wonder of Reading Library is happening, so off we go. Meazi is also obsessed with her nails today. We told her she could get nail polish for the first time this weekend. (Still working on her dad for the pierced ears).

Melese is surprisingly good in the quiet auditorium...

Meazi sees some of her friends, and we enjoy a third breakfast, croissants and strawberries.

11:00 am ish...

Meazi sees one of her favorite teachers, "She is chocolate like me." They talk accessories for a moment.

Meazi takes her first spin on the big kids' play structure...

12 noon ish...

Lunch. Organic pasta, organic ground beef, and, uhm... RAGU... NICE.

Melese is very clingy. He helps me cook. Meazi says, "Mommy how do you feel about a picnic? I am fine with that Mommy. What do you think?" Meazi makes us a special tea with some bottle brush plants.

Melese, Mr. Nature, is saddened by what happened to the bottle brush. He eschews the tea, and tries to repair the tree...

He puts the branches back, and gives them some water...

1:00 pm ish

Nap Attempt.

I actually made a recording of the rambunctious shenanigans that occurred. It was loud. Very loud. After Melese finally fell asleep, Meazi wanted to talk about some big subjects. She said, "Mommy, what happens to your body when you die." Sigh. Can't we talk about Dora the Explorer or something? This, I believe, has been brought on by the recent passing of my grandfather. We have been talking a lot about him. I did not go to the funeral. I know that Meazi is already dealing with so much loss and grief right now, and I also had no idea how to actually travel with the two of them by myself. I lighten the mood by telling her one of my favorite stories about my grandfather. She, still processing so much of her own stuff, tells me a detail about her life that makes me cry. I tell her how sorry I am to hear this and she says, "Mommy, I am sorry that your grandfather died." She wraps her skinny arm tightly around my neck, we put our foreheads together for a moment, and she is finally ready to go to sleep.

Seven minutes later Melese wakes up. He still seems exhausted, so I put him in the Ergo again. He falls asleep and I place him here...

By taking the above picture I inadvertently wake him up. (Damn you Nikon and your loud shutter!) Naptime officially over for Melese...

The above is my favorite picture of him from the day. That face!

He gets Ted a diaper.
He gets Moses a cookie.

2:00 ish...

Melese wonders why Meazi is still asleep. He misses her. She gets up.

3:00 ish...

Meazi puts on my sister's old swimsuit, and gets busy making a birthday card for the Wonder Twins.

3:30-5:00 ish...
I forgot to mention that at 9 am Steven texted me from work to say that he got the date wrong for our tax appointment, and that at 9 am tomorrow we are doing our taxes. I am in a panic. Luckily, a dear friend and her baby whisperer mommy come over to distract the kids. After Mimi gives Melese his saxophone lesson, they all go out swimming in the turtle pool. (No pictures due to much nudity, my preoccupation with finding every single receipt I can, and wondering out loud, "What else can we write off now that we have kids?"

5:00 pm ish...

Speaking of nudity...


Which unfortunately for them is the same meal as lunch. NICE.

6:00 pm ish...

Pajama chalk drawings, and good news about the laundry...

It is clean. Laundry crib is full. From the hamper, to the crib.

7:00 pm ish...

The above is my favorite picture of Meazi from the day. I yelled out, "Meazi, what are you doing?" She yelled back, "RAKING MOM!!" Duh.

7:30 ish...
Mr. Huggable lets me know he is ready for his bottle.

I get up from the spot in between them to take this picture.

8:00 pm ish...
Daddy home at last.

I am quite fond of that in between spot.

9:00 pm ish...

For the first time ever Meazi said to me, "Mommy, I can go to sleep by myself." Usually I stay with her in bed until she is sound asleep, and I inevitably fall asleep too, hence my lack of blogging, or laundry folding, or grocery shopping. I had said something to Meazi about how worried I was about getting my tax stuff done in time. She said, "What will Tom the Tax Man do if you are not ready?" I said, "He will be upset." I think this is why she said it was okay for me to leave the bed.

10:00- 11:00 pm ish...

Friday, April 10th, 2010.


  1. This post has me exhausted! What a busy, yet delightful day with your two beautiful children! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow. Love ALL the photos! Thanks!

  3. Oh, that in between spot. Love it. It's the sweetest yet cramped mommy spot in the world. I love this post, and I am inspired to give it a whirl. Maybe. I can do it. It shows such a neat glimpse into those precious little lives of your children. They are amazing. As are you.

  4. Smiling ear to ear to see a life in the day!

  5. Seriously impressed that you pulled this off. AND prepped your taxes at 11 p.m. AND made lunch!
    What a difference a year makes.... LOVE. Thanks for taking the time. A delight to "spend the day with you."

  6. great day! lovin' the glimps into another busy mama's life:)

  7. Those are all precious photos... but I think my favourite might be the dolls propped up on the dog. He looks long-suffering, but I bet he is LOVING IT.

  8. What a fun glimpse into a day in the life of you! As a mom to two kids ages 2 and 3, I sympathize with the harriedness of it all. Your kids are lovely and look so loved and happy.

  9. Whew! I am had a busy, busy day my friend but it is fantastic to see :)

  10. LOVE this. Thanks for sharing!! I have a little one who does not like when older sis naps and would prefer her to awake when he does.

    What an awesome mom you are.

  11. What fun to get a glimpse of your busy day!

  12. a full day. what I selfishly loved the most was that there is a doll named Sitota at your house. Makes me smile.

  13. I've just started reading your blog and am loving your children and you. It is very helpful. I have just received a referral for a 3 year old boy from Ethiopia and am learning much from your blog. Thanks!

  14. Your two days are night and day. This most recent day is more chaotic but it's pretty darned beautiful.

  15. I had to look back at your 2009 day in photos and was at a loss for words. We were both at the end of our ropes, Julie! Your 2009 day looked so familiar - I miss the extra time we had, but as I look at your 2010 day and my own, it makes me laugh and fills me with joy. Reason #1 - we have absolutely no time anymore! Reason #2 - our days still look incredibly alike, even though they are 100% different from last year. Reason #3 - I get to share life moments with you, a friend from the opposite coast, me through the interwebs. Glad you did this. I love it. I love seeing your beautiful kiddos. xoxo

  16. I am 100% in the "before" post right now. Lazing around on the computer most of the day (and I don't have a thyroid excuse) while hubby works in the yard.

    Thing is, we're at the crucial moment when we must decide "life of leisure" or "chaos with kids". What do you think?

  17. LOVED this. The pics made me laugh and want to nibble on M&m all at the same time. Thanks for sharing your day and hope the tax meeting went swell.

  18. Love this! Love all of your sweet, sad, funny, adorable moments!

  19. So fun to see your day, and I just love Meazi - she's quite a girl!

  20. I love these sort of posts. The life and times...
    Have I told you that your children are beautiful? Truly gorgeous.

  21. Thanks for sharing your family's daily activities. Your children are adorable. Great idea! I should try to do this. I just came home 3 weeks ago with a 3.5 y.o. daughter.
    I like to know where did you get the saxophone? I would like to get it for my daughter. She loves to play with different music instruments

  22. what a couple of serious mooshes. seriously. something to look forward to amongst the paper trail :)

  23. i have been distant from all the blogs, and it is so nice to come back here and catch up on you. this day is so very similar to mine, and i just want you to know know that i think you are so amazing. your family is so special. thanks for continuing to inspire me. xoxo.