Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photo Every Hour (ish)- Lazy Sunday.

Evelyn had the idea to do this. She was inspired by Kristine's post.

HUGE DISCLAIMER ABOUT MINE: You will not enjoy this post if you dislike carbs, dogs, Obama stickers, or lazy people.

HUGE DISCLAIMER #2: Dear social workers, I do normally function at a higher level. I am just a little tired and down, and just a wee bit sad. I went to bed very late, and clearly didn't get enough sleep. Our Saturday before this was filled with festive friends, and festive festivities, I swear.

7 am ish...

Bleary eyed coffee making. What is that item holding down our broken coffee maker you ask? Why that is one of Steven's many inventions, The Tofu Press. He designed and made this decorative, functional, heavy item to press all of the excess water out of tofu to give it more flavor. Now that we are back to being carnivores, we find that no amount of metal or anvil like apparatus could make tofu more palatable, THUS said device now serves as a weight on our broken coffee maker.

While the coffee brews I immediately get my BINKY....

8 am ish...

The feeding of the hounds. Yep, there I am in my sexiest lingerie (or what married people wear to bed) preparing the most important meal of the day, for the most important dogs of the day. Because they are getting on in years, this is more involved then you may think...

Then Moses is sent out to retrieve the paper...

This has its pros and its cons...

9 am ish...

I put in a Costco home-made quiche...

I check to see if perhaps, by some stroke of luck, a rare Sunday proposal has been given to the ever patient Evelyn...

I decide to check on Steven who is already hard at work sifting additional concrete from our garden soil. I hand him some quiche....

And he shows me something beautiful...

New Mexico green chile, growing smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles.

10 am ish...

I go inside, shower, and settle in for a heart to heart with Moses...

I talk with him about his arthritis, and I ask him not to die before he has a chance to meet our kids.

11 am ish...

I check on Steven...

I surf...

I read...

I snack...

I nap...

2pm ish...

I check on Steven...

He seems hungry, so I make him a turkey and cheese sandwich on sourdough. He washes it down with a Leffe...

I peek in the studio. I think that I will start to be productive...

I get distracted by a rare display of affection between my two pups...

4pm ish...

Steven finds me on the couch and makes fun of me for using my phone and laptop simultaneously.

We decide it is time to go on our daily walk...

We see a sad sign...

Every other day you would find two young, affable men working meticulously on said engine. Someone has stolen their beloved VW engine, and broken their hearts.

5 pm ish...

Steven has a spontaneous plumbing project...

6pm ish...

I feed the hounds again.

7pm ish...

Steven surveys his garden and says, "I'm just about ready to hire someone to finish this." He is joking of course. He is tired, he is getting 'The Sundays' (You know the feeling of dread that sometimes comes over you on a Sunday evening).

Steven hops in the shower, and I pop some ginger candies.

I'll spare you the rest. We will probably stare at some sort of colored box (TV, Binky etc) for a bit, I will put on my sexiest pj's, we will brush our teeth, and climb into bed.

March 15th.


  1. Stephen is a trooper. This post was actually pretty interesting, Julie. I love the picture of you and Moses having a heart-to-heart about arthritis.

  2. I agree with Lori. I was really sad when you decided to start skimping on details. I love your home. You KNOW how I feel about your man. Don't get me started on the dogs. (The heart to heart on the bed made me cry a little.) This looks like the coziest, happiest home to bring children. And more dogs! And what about a cat?

    Also, I appreciate your appreciation for wine.

  3. If that was a lazy Sunday, I don't want to know what you do an a busy Sunday!

  4. That is the PERFECT Sunday to me!

    And the "Sundays"....I get them too.

    I call them the Sunday creeps...I have found that a glass of wine helps. Maybe thats why I feel so blah this morning after half a bottle last night ;) :)

  5. Yes, me too. I love the heart to heart that you had with Moses. I also have an aging animal-child, Wasabi our boston terrior, that I gave lots of extra love to yesterday and that in itself made the day very productive.

  6. This is such a great snapshot (ooooh, unintended pun) of a life. Mesmerising! I'm with everyone else on the melting-heart-dog-bed photo. So much obvious love there!

  7. Love every pic. If it weren't for my husband nagging me about the lover I have taken (which he seems to think is my laptop, but is my blog and blogs everywhere) my photos would contain lots of pics of my lover, I mean my laptop, too. All those pills for the hounds, I know the feeling well. Been there. You are making their lives the very best they could hope for. I hope that you do one of these day in photos once the kinderlocks come home. Now that will be something.


  8. What a great idea..I shall steal it.
    The dog chat was the best..your boo looks like our boo Birch.

  9. I am really loving these all day photo posts! It is so nice to get to see what one of your days is like. Thanks for all the shout outs.

    Your day looks a lot like many of mine. I am still in my bathrobe today and it is 10:45. Productivity is not a word I would use for all of this waiting time. But we are gestating, changing, getting ready for something BIG! I talked with a pregnant friend today who is at 8 months of pregnancy. She said she has passed the "Oh, what a cute pregnant lady!" stage and gone to the "poor woman!" stage with her big belly. Julie, we are both at the "poor woman" stage! Which means.... something is gonna happen sometime soon for both of us, I hope, HOPE, HOPE!

    Sorry to hear your doggies have arthritis! It breaks my heart to see the little white whiskers growing under Samba's chin. She also has some hip misalignment that causes her a LOT of pain sometimes.... wrings my heart. I love your doggies!

    OK, I have officially passed my window of time to go for a walk before lunch with the dog... typical.

    Have a great Monday :)


  10. That Sunday looks like our Sunday - minus the cement! but take heart - Yvan works in construction alas he is a project manager so we won't be able to help move the cement but he will be able to give lots of ideas on how Steven could move it ;)

  11. This cracks me up, I just love it...though the chat with Moses did make me cry :(

    Did I mention I have a Moses too?

  12. I LOVE SUNDAYS!!! yours looked like FUN, relaxing and resting up for your BABY!!!!
    Love the disclaimers!

  13. what a great great day! reminds me of what a true lazy (lovely) Sunday is all about. Give Moses an extra pat for me, wouldja?


  14. Steven and Craig are like two peas in a pod...Craig was also working outside doing manual labor by choice. Only he was fence building and tree-cutting-down in the middle of rural Oklahoma with his Dad.

    By choice.

    Soon I post pics of our garden. Yours is looking faboo.


  15. I love that you are drinking Orangina. And this wasn't boring at all!

  16. I loved this post. I love your home, your doggies, your garden, your broken coffee maker, everything. If you had a reality show I would totally be addicted to it.

  17. Julie this was a great post. I love lazy Sundays...although I do know how hard they are during the wait.

  18. I dunno! Sounds like a pretty good day to me:-) All except the part where you were going to organize that room... ugh. I love Orangina.

  19. FABULOUS idea. As a photographer I shall have to copy you. That Sunday sounded freaking awesome. I also call my computer my Binky. Do I need to start leaving disclaimers for our social workers as well?

  20. Love this post!!!

    I haven't had a lazy Sunday in more than 7 years so it was a bit of living vicariously through you - thanks for living it so well.

    Love the tofu press/coffee pot repair thingy

    at least your pj's are color coordinated

    I'm not sure about orangina with a cookie but I'm willing to to try


    the photo of you and your dog was really emotional. You guys will be great parents. Our dog left us 6 years ago and I still really miss him.

    thanks for sharing this.

  21. Love it, looks a little like mine would. That's also because I love carbs and dogs most of all.

    I'm not looking forward to all the dog medications, though I'd do anything for the pups so even when it comes to that, I'll be happy to do it.

  22. I wish you didn't spare us the rest, but with sexy pjs and all, I guess some things have to stay private! The front of your house looks like such a pretty paradisey place, and all I can think of is what your children will think when they see it for the first time. Poor Moses, I hope that he is feeling well. Rimadyl (sp?) helped my last dog very much. She lived a long, happy l ife and I miss her very much. 13 years of wonderful doglove, and now. . . not so much. But I digress. Your day looked pretty floppy and snuggly. I hope it felt good to lay low. Or if you were stuck on that couch and unable to get up, a feeling I am very familiar with, I hope you're feeling better. I really wanted to get a walk in this weekend and failed. Hope your's was good. Go Steven Go.

  23. I just got an Obama sticker in the mail yesterday!

  24. I love it! You have to do one of these after your kids are home! That looks like such a nice 2-person Sunday, though. I loved the peek into the studio.

  25. With 26 comments already! This was a great read. Our Sundays are similar although hubby / wife roles are reversed. That is an awesome soil sifter--is it like 6 feet long?

  26. I just read this over again. So interesting to see where you and I were at this point. You wrote your post on the day K was born. I wrote my comment the day after. C-R-A-Z-Y.