Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Loss of a Poet...

(AP photo)

Many years ago when I was an acting student at NYU, I was cast in my first professional play. I was a senior, and my professors decided that this real life experience could count as the final credits I needed to complete my degree. I turned in my books, and picked up my script. The play was written by Horton Foote. That is him in the picture.

Horton Foote died today. I wept when I read this. He was a wonderful, wonderful writer. Many people compare him to Chekhov, or Faulkner. You may have seen his film adaptation of "To Kill a Mockingbird." He also wrote, "A Trip to Bountiful," and "Tender Mercies." His plays and films were both moving and funny.

It was my honor and privilege to have worked on one of his plays. He worked with us during the rehearsal process. He was a lovely person, a very kind and gentle soul. If you haven't had the opportunity, pick up some of his writing.

There aren't that many clips to post of his work, but here is a scene from Tender Mercies....

I hope they dim the lights on Broadway tonight.


  1. what an amazing man... it's wonderful that you wanted to honor his memory today...

  2. Julie - the clip and your choice of it are amazing. I'm sure he is somewhere watching over you happy that he made a difference in your life. What greater success as an artist is that?

    Your in my thoughts.

  3. I know!

    Thank you for doing this.

  4. Oh, I love 'A Trip to Bountiful." I'm so glad you posted this, Julie.


  5. I'm sorry to read of his death, I didn't know who he was, but your tribute is lovely.

    (Not to dilute this, but anything with Robert Duvall makes me swoon.)

    From the person who knows little about screenwriters, thank you for edifying me...


  6. Yes, he was brilliant, thank you for posting the way, I had no idea you were an actor??? When were you at NYU? Did you study with anyone outside of NYU?

  7. I love his movies. Tender Mercies is one of my favorites. What an honor for you to work with him. I'm sorry for the loss of this wonderful man.

  8. what a loss! you were so lucky to get to work with him.

  9. That is sad. You are so fortunate to have gotten to know him.

  10. found your blog while searching.....really enjoyed it.

  11. That is indeed a loss. Tender Mercies is one our favorites.

    thanks for posting about this!